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Red Knights downgrade United valuation

The Red Knights have reduced their valuation of Manchester United to just £1 billion.   They give a number of reasons for this downgrade including 'competition from Manchester City', an interesting admission of itself, even though City just failed to make the Champions League this season.  

Battle on to control Bones

A battle is on for control of impoverished Northamptonshire side Rothwell Town.  Known as the Bones because of the unique collection of human remains in the nearby church, they may play in the United Counties League next season having resigned from the Southern (Zamaretto) League.

Chinese gambling tycoon in for Liverpool

A Chinese gambling tycoon has expressed an interest in buying Liverpool.   He could put together a consortium of others involved in the Chinese Super League.

Everton are the best buy

We upset some of the Blue side of Merseyside recently by suggesting that their club would not be easy to sell.   To redress the balance here are some comments by manager David Moyes.   He admits that Liverpool may be the bigger brand but says that Everton are a steadier club and have much less debt than a lot of leading clubs.

Chicago-based group swoop for Owls

Sheffield Wednesday may have been relegated to League 1, but a Chicago-based investment group is ready to swoop for the Owls.   Contacts with Chicago links have never heard of Club-9 sports, but they could be a bespoke outfit forned for the Wednesday takeover.

Red Knights poised to pounce

The Red Knights are ready to make a £1.25bn bid for Manchester United next month.  £500m will be raised from a group of 50 investors who will now have to put their money where their mouth is and most of them probably will.   A share issue to fans could raise £250m, but their stake could be expanded if there is enough demand, which there could well be.  The £509m bond raised by the Glazers will be kept in place.

New Liverpool owners may build stadium

The new chairman of Liverpool, Martin Broughton, has made it clear that any buyer of Liverpool must commit to building a new stadium for the club.  He also gave assurances that there was no need to sell star players.

Chelsea fan to sell Liverpool

British Airways chairman and Chelsea Martin Broughton has been brought on to the Liverpool board with the task of finding a buyer for the club.   He reckons that it may take a few months to complete the sale, but is not setting himself a deadline.   His task will be made easier by the fact that the whole club is now for sale rather than a stake in it.   George Gillett and Tom Hicks have finally decided to throw in the towel and bring an end to their troubled reign.  

Oz takeover denied by Leeds

As a plume of volcanic ash from Iceland grounded planes across Britain, another column of smoke was seen over Leeds as Ken Bates angrily denied reports of an Australian takeover bid for the club.  The Sydney Morning Herald and other Australian media had carried reports that billionaire Frank Lowy was to launch a bid for the club.  It was reported that he had instructed an agent in Leeds to carry out due diligence

Usmanov ups Arsenal stake

Alisher Usmanov has increased his stake in Arsenal from 26.29 per cent to 26.31 per cent.   This is a miniscule increase, but it could be a significant signal of his intentions, given that he paid over the odds at £10,500 for the 37 shares.  His Red and White Holdings have said that they are keeping all options and have refused to rule out a bid for the club.