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Football Finance


Mixed views about Cardiff's prospects

Cardiff City FC may have been beaten 4-1 by Chelsea yesterday but they should collect £500,000 from their outing which is of great benefit to a club in financial trouble.  Chairman Peter Ridsdale insists that there is no threat to the club.   The pro-Ridsdale camp emphasise his achievements in cutting an inherited debt of £32m owed by previous owner Sam Hammam; a leap in average gates to 21,000; a new £50m stadium; an FA Cup Final appearance in 2008 and a team that is in contention for a play-off place and promotion to the Premiership.

Fading FA Cup faces revamp

Falling attendances and weakened teams are leading to consideration to being given to a range of initiatives to revamp the competition.   Read more here:

Staging matches midweek would probably depress attendances rather than enhance them and it is doubtful whether experiments with new technology, useful though they might be, would bring in the fans.

Stockport County's woes continue

The latest bid to buy Stockport County, bottom of League 1 and in administration, has been rejected by the Football League.  A bid had been submitted by a consortium led by former Manchester City striker, Jim Melrose.   In a statement the administrators said.

Taxman loses patience with football

As has been evident for some time, the taxman has been losing patience with football and has not been allowing clubs to run up big PAYE bills but is asking them to pay promptly like other taxpayers.   This is not surprising when one considers that HM Revenue and Customs has lost an estimated £30m from clubs going into administration and failing to pay all the tax they owe.  

Portsmouth get new court date

Portsmouth have been given a court date of March 1st for the hearing of their winding-up petition.  As well as the £7.4m VAT bill which the club is disputing, they also owe £4.7m in PAYE and National Insurance which does not form part of the court action.  As is so often the case, there are also local businesses that are owed amounts of money that are significant for them.

We've only got two administrators

Taking Crystal Palace out of administration is being complicated by the fact that two administrators are involved.  The company that owns the ground is under the control of a separate administrator, PricewaterhouseCoopers, who are acting on behalf of Lloyds Bank which owns the £12 mortgage on the ground.  The ground is worth much more without the club on it given its real estate potential.  However, Croydon Council is insisting that it remains a sports facility to put off any property developers.

Pay cut threat motivated players

The threat to cut player and management contracts at West Ham by 25 per cent has drawn the ire of Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballers Association, but David Sullivan has claimed that it led to Wednesday's 2-0 victory over Birmingham City.

The green and gold revolt grows

If this report is to believed the green-and-gold revolt of Manchester United fans in the colours of predecessor team Newton Heath is growing.

Dream ends at County as Eriksson leaves

The dream of promotion to the Premiership in five seasons has finally ended at Notts County with the sale of the club and the departure of Sven-Goran Eriksson.   The Swede will stay on in the purely honorary role of joint life president.

Everton take a fresh look at Goodison

The 118-year old Goodison Park stadium is not the easiest place to play at as Chelsea found last night.  With their plans to move to a new 50,000-capacity stadium at Kirkby effectively vetoed by the government, Everton are taking a fresh look at rehabilitating their traditional home.  They have talked to developers and landowners and brought in an architect who has not been involved with the club before to come up with some ideas.