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German Bundesliga


United top brand league

Manchester United have once again topped the football brand league compiled by Brand Finance. Their brand value of $853m is up by 29 per cent and gives them an A+++ rating.   The list takes into account various revenue streams for clubs, such as ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorship deals and money received from the sale of broadcasting rights.

United have invested heavily in professional marketing skills, bringing in specialists from firms such as Pepsi and Disney.   There is no doubt that their brand is one of the few that has a global reach.

Bayern Munich and Chelsea: the contrast

Both Bayern Munich and Chelsea are big spenders on top players.   Over the past three seasons, Bayern have accounted for more than a quarter of the Bundesliga's total spending.   However, Chelsea lost £67m in their most recent accounts while Bayern make a healthy pre-tax profit every year.

The German model: the Bundesliga

The debate about the respective merits of the Premier League and the Bundesliga is more than one about football.   It is also part of a large clash between rival models of capitalism: the free market or 'Anglo-Saxon' model and the coordinated capitalism or 'Rhineland' model.   Britain is seen as a classic case of the former model, Germany as an exemplar of the latter.

Sky tightens its grip on Bundesliga

Sky Deutschland has tightened its grip on live coverage of Bundesliga football, although it will now pay almost twice as much as it did before.

The pay-TV channel has won the rights to show matches on the web, as well as extending those for cable and satellite broadcasts, for four seasons from August 2013.   The decision was a setback for Deutsche Telekom, which had blaunched a much-hyped bid for satellite and cable rights as a complement to the mobile web and IPTV rights it wanted to extend.

Competition for German television rights

It looks as if there is going to be plenty of competition when the Bundesliga auctions its TV rights for 2013-17 in April.   The current holders, Sky Deutschland, are reported to be paying around €250m a year and are keen to retain the rights.  

However, there is strong competition from broadcasters RTL ProSieben and internet groups such as Deutsche Telekom and the league is hoping for an increase in income of at least 10 per cent.

Spanish one-two in money league

It's a Spanish one-two in the Deloitte Sports Business Football Money League for 2011.  Real Madrid head the Money League for the sixth siccessive year.    FC Bareclona came second.   Whilst Real held a €40m revenue advantage over Barca in 2009/10, Barca's revenues should exceed €400m in the next edition of the Money League, particularly given the club's new shirt sponsorship deal with Qatar.

UEFA apologises to Bayern fans for banning banner

From The Local - an English language paper in Germany:

The European football association
UEFA has apologized to FC Bayern Munich fans for banning a humorous banner telling supporters of AS Rome to “go home” in Latin during a Champions League match in September.

United on track for title

Manchester United are on track to win the Barclays Premier League title.   That's not my view, but is the conclusion reached by the Professional Football Players Observatory (PFPO), a research organisation based in France and Switzerland.

Top 30 Football Clubs in Bundesliga Ranked by Match Attendances 2010

Borussia Dortmund headed the list of top thirty Bundesliga football clubs by average match attendances for season 2009/10. Their average home gate of 77,245 represented a 3 per cent increase on 2008/09.

In second position was Bayern Munich and third Schalke 04 - occupying the same positions in the table as the previous year.

The Bundesliga is operated by the Deutsche Fußball Liga and is composed of two divisions:, each has 18 teams and there is relegation and promotion between them.


Sky finds Germany a difficult market

Sky Deutschland, in which Rupert Murdoch's News Corp holds a 49.9 per cent stake, is finding Germany a difficult market.   The country's largest pay-TV operator is not going to reach its key target of raising its subscriber base from 2.5m to 2.8m - 3 m. by the end of the year.  As a result, there will be a bigger than expected loss in 2010 and more red ink in 2011.