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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Champions League


Taxing problem for financial fair play

Gabriele Marcoti makes an interesting point in an article in The Times yesterday about how different tax regimes across Europe undermine the fairness of Uefa's financial fair play (FFP) ruiles.

His thoughts on the subject were stimulated by France's 75 per cent tax on higher earners, struck down by the Constitutional Court but likely to come back once the law has been re-written to deal with the court's objections.

Transfer window could see big spending

With prices high and bargains rare, clubs are not usually incentivised to go out and spend in the January transfer window.  In the last post-Christmas window the net spend was just £32.3m.   However, it may be different this year.   The compressed nature of the table may give clubs the motive to splash the cash.

The future of the Champions League and Europa League

The future of the Champions League and Europa League is under discussion by Uefa.   One possibility is the absorption of the Europa League by the Champions League to create a 64-club competition.  Quite how this would work out in practice remains to be seen, but it could involve an eight club group stage but with only one fixture between clubs instead of two as at present.

Financial fair play isn't so fair

We have long taken the view that financial fair play is not so fair as it looks.  It offers a means for the current elite clubs to shore up their dominance.  We have also expressed doubts about how effectively it can be enforced.  

On The Ball

The interface between football and the law is of increasing importance, but the complex issues that are raised can often be difficult for a non-lawyer to comprehend.   The latest issue of the authoritative On The Ball magazine contains articles on such topics as the latest Premier League broadcasting deal, financial fair play and the contested football creditors' rule.

Traps in the way of financial fair play

We have been arguing for some time that financial fair play will not be easy to implement and enforce, but it is good to have the president of Juventus make a similar point.

Mixed news for Ajax

Ajax didn't have a great night in the Champions League yesterday, losing 1-4 at home - but then it was to Real Madrid.

However, financially things are looking up for the club, to the extent that they are thinking of delisting from the Stock Exchange.  They are the only Dutch club still there.

Champions League money hit

Chelsea's Champions League victory will mean that the three other English qualifiers for next season's competition will earn million of pounds less.   The split of Uefa television money will reflect the fact that Chelsea start in the group stages.

Manchester City will get about £9m rather than £12m, Manchester United £7.5m instead of £9 and Arsenal £4.5m not £6m.

Two swallows don't make a summer

It's been an incredible seven days in football.   First, Manchester City took the title for the first time in 44 years with a last gasp victory.   Then Chelsea became champions of Europe by showing that English sides do not always lose to German ones on penalties.

Chelsea or MLS?

22-year old Ohio native Katie Callaway will be with fellow Chelsea fans in a Chicago bar today to watch the final with Bayern Munich.   She fell in love with Chelsea on a family trip to Grand Cayman in 2006 and she will be wearing her David Luiz away shirt for the game.