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Europa League


Chelsea will earn £45m in Champions League TV cash

Chelsea can expect to earn a total of £45m in television cash from Uefa for their Champions League campaign this year.   This will increase by £2.8m if they win the trophy.  Clubs can usually double that income from ticket sales, sponsorship and merchandise.   The income is particularly important for Chelsea given their need to comply with financial fair play rules.

Champions League bonanza

There is a lot riding financially on whether Spurs can overcome Young Boys tomorrow and reach the group stage of the Champions League.   Although no English team got past the quarter-finals last season the top four clubs (United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool) earned a combined total of €140m in television and prize money from the tournament, well ahead of the €116m received by their Italian rivals and the €105m received by Spanish clubs.  These figures reflect the value of the ITV and Sky bro

Uefa pushes ahead with plans to curb spending

Uefa is pushing ahead with plans backed by their president Michel Platini to curb spending by clubs, forcing them to break even and spend only what they earn.  When implemented over a three-year period up to and including 2015, they should benefit French and German clubs but hit those in England and Spain.