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Swiss Super League


Referendum result pleases Swiss clubs

Swiss voters have rejected in a referendum by a majority of nearly two to one the so-called 1:12 proposal that would limit the salaries of top earners in a company to no more than 12 times the wages of the lowest-paid employee. The decision has come as a relief to leading Swiss football clubs.

Grasshoppers of Zurich and FC Basel criticised the proposal, worried that even more players would transfer abroad. Up to 50 sports stars and clubs officials in Switzerland in football and ice hockey earn more than 12 times their club's lowest-paid employees.

Swiss league changes may have wider significance

Changes in the structure of the Swiss leagues may have a broader significance for European football in the sense that they may be a harbinger of similar changes elsewhere.   In summary there will be no more playoffs between 1st and 2nd divisions; only 1 team relegated/promoted; reduction from 16 to 10 teams in Div 2 and the creation of a promotional division 3 to promote U21 teams.

St.Gallen survive - for now

Switzerland's oldest football club, the 131-year old St. Gallen, has been saved from the brink of bankruptcy after six businesmen combined to invest 10 million Swiss francs (about the same amount in dollars) in the club.   The club faced going out of business and automatic demotion from the top division after the city council refused to contribute to a bailout last month.   Five banks waived debts of nearly 5 million francs as part of the rescue.