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Brand management key for Saudi football

Brand management is seen as key to the future of Saudi football with the qualification of the Green Falcons for the World Cup a big boost to domestic interest in the game.

Uefa makes big profits as Fifa loses money

Uefa made €847m on its expanded European championships in 2016, an increase of €500m on 2012. Total revenue for the championships was €1.92bn.   Income for the 2016 financial year was €4.58bn.

Broadcasting accounts for 50 per cent of Uefa's revenues and sponsorship for 20 per cent.   Reserves amount to €632m.

A typical Fifa power and money grab?

A typical Fifa money and power grab which would diminish the quality of the compeition was how critics of the organisation characterised its proposals for changes to the World Cup from 2026.   More moderate critics were concerned that Fifa was diluting its brand,  The tournament would be expanded from 32 to 48 countries, meaning that it will involve about a quarter of all Fifa nations.

Putting Fifa's failure in context

Gerard Clarke has an interesting article in a recent issue of the Journal of Civil Society in which he seeks to put Fifa's governance failure in a broader context.

The cost of failure by England managers

The repeated failures of England managers are not just dispiriting, they also cost the Football Association a lot of money.

Total spending on managerial appointments which didn't work out in the past 15 years has been £70m. Fabio Capello, who took charge of England's 2010 World Cup campaign, was the most expensive appointment as the FA paid him a salary of £6m for five years and a £1m pay off.

Sven-Goran Eriksson's five years in the job on a £4m salary was followed by a £3.5m pay off. Steve McClaren was paid £7.75m, including a £2.5m pay off, for his 18 months in charge.

Could Slovakia-England result affect Brexit vote?

I'm a bit sceptical about the link between football results and voting behaviour.   The evidence is contradictory and if there are causal effects they could be in opposite directions.   My scepticism is increased in the case of referendums where voters are making a different kind of judgment from elections.

Euro 2016 'Brexit' threat to pubs

There's another 'Brexit' threat in the offing, an early exit by the home teams from the Euro 2016 championships could hit pub takings.   Owners are hoping the teams will 'Remain'.

Of course, England could be expelled if there are further clashes involving their fans, although it was interesting to see the Russian sports minister appluading his fans after their hooligans had launched an attack on English fans.

Free to air international matches cut back

It looks as is free to air broadcasting of international matches may be undermined with Sky poised to secure the rights for the new Uefa Nations League.   The new competition is set to launch in 2018.

It will divide national teams into leagues and will replace most friendly matches.   It is intended to tackle declining interest in international football outside of the major competitions.

Rebranding Belgium

This post is an interesting piece of analysis on how the Belgium national team reconnected with its disilluisoned fans.   Part of the process was a 'rebranding' which involved a new red devils logo.

Of course, having a group of exciting and talented players that helped Belgium finish top of their European qualification group also helped.

FA refinances Wembley Stadium

The Football Association has agreed a £300m loan facility with three leading banks enabling it to refinance Wembley Stadium.   The loan will give the FA more flexibility and enable it to reduce interest payments.