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Winter World Cup for 2022?

Holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the winter is the latest idea to come from Fifa's daft ideas department presided over by chief clown Sepp Blatter.   Well, I suppose it's not quite so daft when you consider that the temperature in Qatar in the summer is around 50 degrees centigrade.   The official evaluation report referred to health risks associated with staging the tournament there in the summer, but they were blithely ignored by the Fifa executive committee.

Supermarket chain could sue Fifa

Supermarket chain Morrisons is considering sueing Fifa over England's failed to bid to host the 2018 World Cup.   They were official grocers for the England bid so they do have 'locus standi' and they have asked lawyers in Switzerland to advise them.   They allege that Fifa did not act in good faith in its decision-making processes to handle the bid.   If the action was brought and was successful, the compensation would take the form of a £1m payment to football charities.

Power shifts and the World Cup

This article offers an interesting and relatively original interpretation of the decisions taken on the location of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.  It argues that they may reflect changing geopolitical realities in the world.  

Uefa considers changes in TV rights

Following the failure to secure the World Cup, England faces another potential blow from an international football body.  Uefa is considering a Scottish-devised plan to redistribute television money from European Championship and World Cup qualifiers towards smaller countries and away from the 'big five' of England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.  However, the proposal does have some positive aspects from an English perspective and the devil is really in the detail.

South Africa made big loss on World Cup

Perhaps it's just as well England did not win the right to stage the 2018 World Cup.  South Africa invested £3bn in this year's tournament and got a paltry return of £373m or around 10 per cent, much less than expected.

The perils of leaving Fifa

Many in Australia think that the English press has over reacted to the country's failure to win the World Cup.   In Australia the need is now to concentrate on boosting the A-League which has faced many fiinancial challenges in recent months.

Australia was expelled from Fifa in the early 1960s for signing £10 poms (and immigrants from other countries) who had played in the UK and elsewhere and not paying any transfer fees.   They soon found that they lost out through not being a member.

Swiss swoop on corruption in sport

Various allegations have been made about corruption in Fifa, although none of them have been substantiated in a court of law.  One of the difficulties in investigating whether these allegations have any substance is that Fifa is not really accountable to anyone.

Bristol stadium plans not hit by World Cup blow

The decision not to allocate the 2018 World Cup to England will not affect Bristol City's plans to build a new stadium.  After all, you don't build a stadium for just four games.  Well, perhaps you do in Qatar, but they intend to dismantle them and send them to poor countries afterwards, one of the incentives they offered to boost their bid.  

Burden quits as Fifa fallout grows

The big breaking football news this morning is that acting FA chairman Roger Burden has quit in the wake of England's failed World Cup bid.   He feels that he can no longer trust Fifa officials and work with them and one can understand where he is coming from.

World cup blow for Argyle

The failure to secure the 2018 World Cup for England is a particular blow for Plymouth Argyle who could have hosted a group stage at Home Park.   However, the executive director of the club has denied allegations by some fans that the World Cup was what brought him to Plymouth in the first place.