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The Championship


Bristol City stadium blow

Bristol City have suffered a setback in a scheme to build a new 30,000-seat stadium but are determined to press ahead.  The £92m stadium was planned as a venue for England's 2018 World Cup bid.

Campaigners have won a significant victory to protect the site in fhe Ashton Vale area of the city.  Following a public inquiry, the inspector said that the land should be given town green status.

Hull finances 'a real concern'

Hull City owner Russell Bartlett is seeking new investment in the club, but has ruled out a takeover.  Talks were held earlier in the year with father and son duo Assem and Ehab Allem who are sponsors and vice-presidents at the club.

However, they were interested in taking control, rather than a minority stake.   They have issued a statement in which they say that the finances of the club 'are a matter of real concern'.

The formula for success

A Blackpool fan rightly pointed out in a comment on one of our pieces the other day that there is no automatic correlation between a town's size and its prosperity and the success achieved by its football club.   That is right, although in the long run the size and wealth of the catchment area of the club is one of the most important factors.  One factor that can offset this relationship is the strength of competitor sports such as rugby.  And a benefactor can allow a football club to punch well beyond its weight: think about the creation of Rushden a

Transfer fall hits Championship clubs

As we noted yesterday, it has been a subdued transfer window.  Final analysis figures but careful work by accountants Grant Thornton based on figures up to Friday show that transfers have been cut in half by value.  This basic picture is unlikely to change much in a flurry of last minute activity.

All is not clear about Foxes takeover

According to this report by respected football finance commentator David Conn all is not clear about the takeover of Leicester City by a Thai consortium.   The basic details of the takeover remain unknown: whether Mandaric has sold out completely, who the investors are and in what proportions they will own the club, and how much they have paid him.

How will attendances hold up?

The Riverside stadium saw a record low attendance for a league game yesterday, 14,633 for the televised clash between Middlesbrough and Sheffield United.   There are those who think that a mixture of television overkill and the recession will empty stadiums everywhere. 

Crystal Palace out of administration

Crystal Palace have come out of administration.  The club went into administration with debts of £30m.  At one point the survival of the club was in doubt but CPFC 2010 were able to make an acceptable offer at the very last moment.   The administration was a complicated one because the ground was separately owned and club officials have thanked administrators for their help.  Administrators are not popular by definition but their expertise can save a club.

New Foxes owner is real deal

It's thought that new Leicester City owner Vichai Raksriaskorn is the real deal and will be able to further the progress of the Championship club.  His personal fortune is estimated at £115m.  However, he is realistic about the chances of the Foxes achieving a big following in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia.   Only clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona create real excitement there

Agents earn big bucks in Football League

Intermediaries are not popular in any market: just think estate agents.  Their strength derives from their possession of information and their control of access to desired assets.   Agents are particularly unpopular in football as they are seen as sucking money out of the game to their benefit and that of highly paid players.  However, the problem is often seen as primarily one for the Premier League where the big money transfers are made.

League may stop Bellamy transfer

The Football League have threatened not to register Craig Bellamy's loan signing at Cardiff City unless they are given assurances by the Bluebirds about their ability to fund the deal.   Cardiff City have debts estimated at £30m and have missed a number of deadlines to pay tax bills.