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The Championship


Good news for Bluebirds

We have been optimistic on this page for some time about the long-term prospects for Cardiff City.

Developers want to buy Selhurst Park

Lloyds Bank face a difficult dilemma.   CPFC 2010, the consortium trying to take Crystal Palace out of administration, are prepared to pay £3m to buy Selhurst Park off them.  But the ground is valued at £6m and both property developers and Sainsbury's, who have a supermarket at one end of the ground, are interested in buying it.    However, selling it off to developers could involve the bank in controversy wh

Ash cloud delays Palace takeover

Flight delays caused by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud have held up the completion of talks on the takeover of Crystal Palace.   The matter needs to be resolved soon as the administrator does not have the funds to keep the club going beyond the end of the season.

No buyer found for Palace

After three months no buyer has emerged for Crystal Palace and the club's position is increasingly perilous as the season draws to a close.   In a sense, it is no surprise that Palace have not find a buyer.  There are a number of clubs available for purchase and fewer buyers out there than there were.   The club does not own the ground and it operates in a relatively crowded London football market.  Admittedly, all t

Premiership to tighten rules

In the wake of events at Portsmouth, the Premier League has put forward proposals on who is allowed to own its football clubs.   The 'fit and proper person' test, which was limited in its scope, will be supplemented by a 'means and abilities' test.   In other words, prospective owners will have to demonstrate that they have the money that they say they have to allow them to run a club properly.&n

The morning after

As Newcastle fans recover from celebrating their team's well-deserved return to the Premiership, thoughts will begin to turn to next season.    Mike Ashley is never going to be forgiven by some of the Toon Army, but the successful promotion campaign has provided a diversion.   It is clear that Ashley is not going to splash the cash next season, following a policy of recruiting young up-and-coming players and imposing a strict wage limit.

Talks over Palace sale

Crystal Palace administrator Brendan Guilfoyle is in talks with a potential purchaser of the club whose debts are thought to amount to £30m.   No deal has been concluded yet, but the signs are hopeful.  Talks started after last Friday's deadline for an offer was passed.   The club was thought to be unlikely to survive beyond the end of the season if a buyer was not found.   No offer ever materialised from American rapper 'Diddy' and he is understood not to be involved in the ta

£1 million shirt sponsorship deal for Sky Blues

It appears that you don't have to be a Premiership club to secure a good shirt sponsorship deal.  Indeed, Coventry City have secured a deal that is better than that received in the last year or so by some lower level Premiership clubs.

Cardiff deal nearer

It appears that a deal for a Malaysian consortium to take over financially troubled Cardiff City is edging closer.  A deal may not be finalised until end of April, but that would be soon enough to settle the club's debt to Revenue and Customs and avoid a winding up order.  It would have been surprising if a club of Cardiff's potential had not found an investor.

Rapper in bid for Palace

A surprise bidder to take Crystal Palace out of administration has emerged in the form of hip-hop mogul and multi-millionaire Sean 'Diddy' Coombs.  Palace administrator Brendan Guilfoyle is so excited by the news that he has declared that he is prepared to fly to New York to seal the deal.

The rapper had considered buying Portsmouth, but thought Palace was a better deal.  Moreover, he liked the name.