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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

League 2


Football's lost city?

Is Bristol 'football's lost city?'    It is the sixth largest city in England, generally prosperous and growing rapidly, but neither of its clubs has won any serious silverware.

Turmoil at Port Vale

Following the recent departures of the chairman and chief executive, the boardroom turmoil at Port Vale is concerning Stoke-on-Trent City Council who made a £2.25m loan to the club in 2006.   The club enjoyed a two year repayment holiday from 2009 to 2011 when only interest payments had to be made.    However, payments had been made regularly in recent months.

Barnet to leave Underhill

Barnet are to leave Underhill next season after 104  years.   This follows a complex dispute with the local Council about the lease and access to the ground in which each side blames the other.    The club may ground share in the short term.   However, they have already built a £11m training centre in Harrow  and have gained planning permission for a stadium on the 44-acre site.

Stanley sell shares

Accrington Stanley do not have a massive support base and they face recurrent financial problems, but they also inspire a great deal of interest and affection.   Hence, selling shares at £100 each may be a way out of their financial problems.   They have already made sales to people from Australia, Brazil, Canda and Bulgaria.

Light! More light!

New Football League criteria for the standard of floodlights that have to be met by the 2014-15 season may hit financially struggling clubs in Leagues 1 and 2 hard, as well as those Conference clubs that aspire to Football League status.   Most Championship club either meet the new standards or could afford to do so.

Is James Brent the new Madejski?

This is a question raised in The Football League Paper  yesterday in a special centre page spread on Plymouth Argyle.   Both Plymouth's new owner James Brent and Sir John Madejski, who revived Reading's fortunes, had little prior knowledge of or interest in football, but both had a commitment to their areas.   James Brent admitted in the interview that there might be something in the comparison: at any rate it is quite flattering.

Argyle get their golden share back

Plymouth Argyle have made a full return to the Football League with the return of their 'golden share' by the League.  While praising the efforts of James Brent to save the club, and also the contribution made by Plymouth City Council, the League authorities made it clear that the takeover represented 'a leap of faith' by the new board.    They would be closely scrutinising the club's finances in the years to come.

Plymouth out of administration

After eight months Plymouth Argyle have finally come out of administration with the sale of the club to James Brent's Akkeron group.   They will exit via a Company Voluntary Arrangement which will involve agreed payments to creditors over a five year period.

Do Accrington need a new stadium?

Accrington Stanley's owner Ilyas Khan thinks that the club is not sustainable at the Crown Ground in the longer run and needs to move to a new stadium to be viable.   The club has already had to reduce staff numbers to keep costs under control.   A possible site for a £7m stadium has been identified near Hyndburn Sports Ground and Mr Khan might be prepared to contribute £2m towards the cost.

New youth scheme a threat to lower league clubs

Some Football League clubs think that they were pressurised by the Premier League into adopting a new youth and Academy scheme that will disadvantage them by reducing the value of a route for raising funds.   Leeds were one of the clubs that have voted against the scheme and have expressed their concerns.