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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
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Last five per cent remains in Argyle deal

The prospective purchaser of Plymouth Argyle, James Brent, reckons that his bid to buy the club is 95 per cent of the way there, but as is often the case, the last five per cent is proving tricky.   It doesn't look as if the deal will be finalised by close of business today which means it will not be concluded this week.

Can football and rugby league work together?

Various football clubs have at different times hosted rugby union teams.   QPR could ground share with Wasps as part of their new stadium plan.   Rugby isn't exactly great for the pitch, but it does generate some extra revenue, although it is hardly a game changer in financial terms.

Argyle rescue takes a step forward

The rescue of Plymouth Argyle by locally based businessman James Brent moved a step closer yesterday after the cabinet of Plymouth City Council agreed to buy the club's ground at Home Park and lease it back to them.  Mr Brent had made such a deal a condition of his takeover going ahead.

Argyle administrators threatened to quit

P & A Partners, the administrators of Plymouth Argyle, have threatened to quit after what they claimed were threats against staff and property by fans.   Security guards were posted outside their offices in Sheffield on Monday because of a threatened protest.

What would worst recession for 70 years mean for football?

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King has said that we may be facing the worst recession for 70 years, potentially even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.   Economics commentator David Smith has already tweeted that this explains why Mervyn King does not give interviews very often.

Prospective new Argyle owner meets staff

The prospective new owner of Plymouth Argyle, Devon-based businessman James Brent met with the club's staff and players yesterday to give them assurances about the payment of their wages.   He will also have to find £3.5m to deal with historic wage debts.

Players run credit checks on clubs

According to Southend defender Peter Gilbert, formerly at Plymouth Argyle, the state of football finance is such that players are having to run credit checks on clubs to avoid being shackled to a club heading for administration.

Plymouth bidder to join fans

Leading bidder for Plymouth Argyle James Brent admits that he knows little about football, but he is going to join fans in the Devenport End on Saturday in an effort to understand their passion.   The match will also see the attendance of several hundred Brighton and Hove Albion supporters who will make a pilgrimage to Home Park to show their solidarity with the beleaguered club.   Green Army members backed them when the Seagulls were in trouble.

Argyle players defer wages again

At the request of the administrators Plymouth Argyle players have agreed to defer the outstanding 60 per cent of their wages until Monday week.   By that time it is hoped that a takeover of the club can be sorted out.   Yesterday captain Carl Fletcher and goalkeeper Romain Larrieu met with James Brent who is now the leading bidder for the troubled club.

Heaney pulls out at Plymouth Argyle

After five months when the money was supposedly available but never appeared, property developer and Truro City owner Kevin Heaney has pulled out of his bid to take Plymouth Argyle out of administration.   He blamed banks for being unwilling to lend to property developers and football clubs, but it is not surprising that they would regard that as a toxic combination in the current financial climate.