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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

League 2


Weather outlook worries clubs

With temperatures forecast to fall this week, smaller clubs who do not have undersoil heating are increasingly worried about the impact on their finances.   The cheaper solution of frost covers, which the Football League insists on, cannot cope with very low temperatures or a large covering of snow.  Even if the pitch can be cleared, conditions outside the ground may be judged too dangerous for the crowd.

Bid in for Port Vale

Local businessman Mo Chaudry, who owns Stoke Water Park, has emerged as a potential investor in Port Vale.   He launched a takeover bid in 2003, but was rebuffed.  He has been linked with two Championship clubs, but would prefer to spend his money locally.

American investors have also been linked with the club.   One would not have thought that Burslem would appeal to them, but one never knows.

Shakers lose over half a million

Bury have seen their losses in the last financial year rise from £115,861 to £557,056.  That's a lot of money for a League 2 club and perhaps reflects the old adage that you don't invest in a football club but pour money down a black hole.

Football League chairman shares his thoughts

The Football League chairman, Greg Clarke, has been on a tour of north-western clubs.   In this lengthy interview with the Lancashire Telegraph he reflects on what he found.   There is particular praise for Burnley, who announced a £14.4m profit recently, and the way in which they have handled their finances.   Certainly if there was an award for punching above your weight in football, Burnley would be in the running, while Barr

Ridsdale would like to get back into football

Peter Ridsdale has admitted that he would love to get back into football.  He reckons that he did a decent job at Cardiff, although his tenure there was not without controversy.   His period at Leeds earned him a black mark in the eyes of many fans.

Barnet in row over stadium plan

Barnet have threatened to move out of the borough after 100 years following a row with the local council over a potential site for a new stadium.   The club regards their ground at Underhill, which has a slope, as ageing and unsuitable as a basis for future development. 

Wycombe trust concerned about new stadium plan

The Supporters Trust at Wycombe Wanderers has a number of concerns about the plans for a new stadium for the club and the Wasps rugby team.   They consider that the owner of both clubs has yet to put forward the financial case for Wycombe Wanderers, despite calls from the Supporters Trust.

Budget cuts at Torquay

Torquay United made a great start to the season at the top of League 2, but have since slipped back.  Budget constraints have meant that the club has not been able to replace players who left and strengthen the squad.

Chairboys decide on new venue

Wycombe Wanderers have decided that their preferred site for a new stadium to be shared with London Wasps is Wycombe Air Park at Booker.   The plan is to have a stadium that would accommodate at least 17,500 spectators.

The proposed stadium would also include facilities for cricket, a racquet centre and an athletics facility.  There are also plans for a hotel, residential development and centres for education and training.   It is hoped that the stadium would reduce the reliance of the Chairboy on funds provided by owner Steve Hayes.

Agents earn big bucks in Football League

Intermediaries are not popular in any market: just think estate agents.  Their strength derives from their possession of information and their control of access to desired assets.   Agents are particularly unpopular in football as they are seen as sucking money out of the game to their benefit and that of highly paid players.  However, the problem is often seen as primarily one for the Premier League where the big money transfers are made.