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Southern League Division 1 Central


Finding a league sponsor

It's not so easy to find someone to sponsor a league, especially in the non-league system.   The returns are more diffuse than sponsoring a club.   Local businesses are often willing to support a non-league club.  One of their directors may also serve on the club board or their employees may play for the club.

Evo-Stik moves south

After two years as the Zamaretto League, the Southern League has recruited Evo-Stik as its new sponsors.  They already sponsor the Northern Premier League where their deal is reportedly worth £150,000 a year.  The Southern League will receive an estimated £100,000, a great improvement on the £35,000 a year provided by Zamaretto.

Is Zamaretto Central a M25 league?

Atherstone Town are dropping out of the Step 4 Zamaretto Central league next season into the Step 5 Midland Central.   They argue that they cannot afford the cost of travel to away matches which costs them £10,000 a year.

Manager Dale Belford has complained that the Zamaretto Central is effectively a M25 league.   There are 12 clubs within a 25-mile radius of the ground of Ashford (Middlesex) Town.   The Adders claim that they are losing out on local derbies which would give them an attendance boost.

Failures and rescues in the non-league

The last week in the non-league has seen one likely failure, two rescues, one club on the brink and one set of fans disappointed.   This tally does not include our earlier story on Farnborough with the club avoiding a winding-up order at the last minute.   The recession has hit non-league clubs hard as they are often reliant on the owners of smaller businesses.   Cash is king at this level and cash flow at many clubs was hit by the bad winter weather.

Non-league Clubs in Trouble

A number of non-league clubs are in trouble. Blue Square South club Lewes need to find £48,000 by tomorrow or face an Inland Revenue winding up order. The problem for the club is that Lewes, nice though it is, is hardly a football town and any fans there are can go into Brighton or even up to London without too much difficulty. Former League club Chester City, now in the Blue Square North, have not paid their players for November and December and now they have been told to find other clubs.