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Conflict of interest at Truro City?

The Conference and the Football Association are looking into a possible conflict of interest between Salisbury City and Truro City arising from the deal that saved the Cornish club.

The overdue wages of Truro players were paid by CGA Holdings, the company of the chairman of Salisbury City, William Harrison-Allen.  He insisted that he was not investing in Truro City and it was a property deal that had nothing to do with football.

Truro's ground was bought for £2.28m by Jojo Investments, a company formed in June.  It has one shareholder, a London solicitor.

Farnborough wait for buyer's decision

Farnborough are waiting for a qualified buyer, coming to the end of due diliigence, to decide whether to purchase the club.  The club had to be bailed out last season by manager Spencer Day with a six figure sum.

Heaney stands down as Truro chairman

Kevin Heaney has stepped down as Truro City chairman.  He bankrolled the club's rise up the non-league pyramid, but he was declared bankrupt earlier today by Truro County Court.   He cited health reasons for his decision to step down.

Salisbury City chairman William Harrison-Allen has said that he is interested in buying the club's ground.

Billericay Town sold

Billericay Town FC has been sold to former manager Grant Gordon.   However, existing owner Steve Kent retains a stake as only 60 per cent of his shares have been sold.   He said that there had been other offers, but he was not comfortable with them.

Reports give no indication of the sale price, but it is unlikely to have been the £3m originally mentioned when the club was put up for sale.


Salisbury chairman bails out Truro

It has been revealed that it was the chairman of rival Blue Square South club Salisbury City who came to the aid of Truro City and enabled them to pay outstanding player wages.

In a statement Salisbury chairman William Harrison-Allen made it clear that his company CGA Holdings was not investing in Truro City which would probably be in breach of football rules.  Rather it was a property deal that will help Truro chairman Kevin Heaney keep the beleaguered club going.

Truro City players get paid

Truro City's players were paid in full on Friday, one day after the deadline they had set.  This means that the club can now go ahead and start its season at Billericay Town next week.   The availability of the money suggests that new investors are now on board.

Truro City crisis deepens

The crisis at Truro City has deepened with players' wages not paid by the deadline they set yesterday.  It's uncertain what sort of team they will field at their opening fixture at Billericay Town.  Apart from anything else, the cost of transporting a team from Cornwall to Essex is substantial and any coach operator is likely to want payment up front.

Chairman Kevin Heaney has not been contactable and there is speculation that he may be going into hospital for an operation which could sideline him for several months.

Bleak outlook at Truro City

The future of Truro City as a Blue Square Bet South club is hanging by a thread after the squad gave the club a seven day deadline to pay the wages they are owed.

Truro City get reprieve

Truro City FC have been given a six week reprieve over a winding up order but have been warned by the judge that they have got to sort their financial affairs out.   They owe Revenue & Customs £15,000, having settled a separate tax bill of £51,000.

The Tigers are disputing a much larger sum of £700,000 claimned by other creditors.   Truro are owned by local businessman Kevin Heaney.

Billericay Town up for sale

Newly promoted Billericay Town FC have been put up for sale by owner Steve Kent.   The double glazing businessman bought it from shipping businessman Rod Moore in 2004.  Kent and his wife Sharon have been popular owners at New Lodge.  He has brought financial stability to the club and bequeathed it a superb clubhouse.

The club is debt free, but Kent recently said that new investment would be needed if the playing budget is to be increased following last season's promotion.

Internet speculation suggests a price of around £3.5m, but that seems on the high side.