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New fears over Truro City

The future of Truro City is in doubt after new applications for a winding up order were made against the club.   They had settled a £51,000 tax bill with Revenue and Customs who had served two winding up petitions on them during the season.

Nearly £650,000 is being demanded by lawyer Chris Lingard, a former business associate of Truro chairman and funder Kevin Heaney.   Other alleged creditors include FBT Sports UK claimed to be owed £19,000, Lexlaw Solicitors who say they are owed £1,400 and an unnamed fourth creditor claiming £40,000.

New winding up petition at Truro City

Truro City have been served a second winding up order in under six months.   Revenue & Customs are taking the White Tigers to court on April 30th for unpaid tax.

Truro now owe £51,000 and Revenue and Customs are in no mood to be lenient after receiving a six figure fee for unpaid taxes two hours after the last hearing in January.

The Cornish club achieved five promotions in six seasons under millionaire owner Kevin Heaney, but have now been excluded from plans for a 'Stadium for Cornwall'.

Stadium for Cornwall gets green light

The chairman of financially troubled Truro City, Kevin Heaney, has claimed that the absence of planning permission for a new stadium was holding back the club's future development.   The Planning Committee of Cornwall Council gave its outline consent yesterday for the Stadium for Cornwall project.

Truro in big trouble

Ambitious Truro City are the leading club in Cornwall and they are in even bigger financial trouble than was realised earlier.   Their players have not been paid for a month and they owe £100,000 to Revenue and Customs (HMRC).   They have been given until 16 January by the High Court to settle their bill or face closure.

Winding up petition issued against Truro City

Revenue and Customs have issued a winding up petition against Truro City FC over a debt of around £200,000.  They have to appear in court on October 31st.

Argyle takeover by end of week

With Plymouth Argyle experiencing a faltering start to the season, joint administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle, has reiterated that he expects the takeover to go through by the end of this week.

Guilfoyle said: 'We asked of proof of funds from BIL, which is the company that Kevin Heaney's behind, and we haven't had proof of funds [yet], but what we have had from his solicitors is evidence of a funding line that he's working on and there's some due diligence going on.'

Wages not paid at Welling

The financial problems of Blue Square South club Welling United continue and now the players and management have expressed their concern publicly about the late payment of wages, to the annoyance of owner Barry Hobbins.

Having met tax debts through a whip round among supporters, Welling lost revenue as a result of the winter weather, including a potentially lucrative Christmas fixture.

Two non-league clubs survive

Two non-league clubs that were on the brink of folding, Welling United and Windsor & Eton, have managed to survive at the last minute.

In the case of Welling in South-East London they originally owed Revenue and Customs £97,000.   They managed to pay off £37,000, but were facing a winding up order in the High Court tomorrow.   Their supporters rallied round and managed to pay off the remaining £60,000.

Weather outlook worries clubs

With temperatures forecast to fall this week, smaller clubs who do not have undersoil heating are increasingly worried about the impact on their finances.   The cheaper solution of frost covers, which the Football League insists on, cannot cope with very low temperatures or a large covering of snow.  Even if the pitch can be cleared, conditions outside the ground may be judged too dangerous for the crowd.

Conference clubs owe less to taxman

The 67 Blue Square league clubs owe £1.2m less to Revenue and Customs than this time last year.  The Conference understandably credits its Financial Reporting Initiative under which clubs have to make quarterly financial returns for this achievement.