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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


Everton debt mountain stable

Everton's debt mountain remains stable at £44.9m according to the accounts released yesterday for the year to 31 May.   The club managed to boost turnover by 3.7 per cent but had an operating loss of £500,000 before player trading.   Player sales amounted to some £15m leaving manager David Moyes to rely on free transfers and loan signings.

United take big hit from Champions League exit

Manchester United's elimination from the Champions League before the group stage will hit them hard financially.   They could be between £14m and £18m worse off than last season when they reached the final.  

Agents take home the money

Intermediaries are never popular in any market: think estate agents.   Their function is to transmit information between potentially large numbers of buyers and seller more efficiently.  Of course, whether they do that fairly or seek to exploit their possession of information or distort it to disadvantage the other parties to the transaction is an interesting question.

A critique of Chelsea

The sport section of The Times devoted two whole pages to a critique of Chelsea on Saturday.   As one would expect, it was well informed and well argued, but also very negative in tone.   Of course, there are plenty of grounds on which one can construct such a critque.  But why now?

Who will be the first manager to go?

No Premier League manager has yet been asked to go this season - yet.   Such are the pressures of the Premier League that apparent under performance can lead to an exit as early as November, even though Sir Alex Ferguson insists that one doesn't worry about positions in the league until April.  Perhaps it looks different if one is in a relegation struggle.

Uefa's financial fair play dilemma

Uefa faces a series of dilemmas in terms of its enforcing Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.   If it doesn't enforce them at all, it will look foolish and be weakened in relation to the top clubs.  But devising sanctions that bite without undermining the Champions League itself is a real test of ingenuity.

Search parties out in Liverpool

I marked my first day of notional retirement with a day out in Liverpool where there is always so much to see in the museums area.   I was able to pass the Liver Building where my pension fund is based, but one target was the new Museum of Liverpool.   It is still incomplete (there have been some legal arguments) but there is already some very interesting content on the city's fascinating football history.

It can only get better

As expected Manchester City have reported a record loss for a Premiership club, an eye watering £194.9m.   This easily beats the £141m loss recorded by Chelsea in 2005, the second year of Roman Abramovich's ownership.

And then there were three

Tottenham Hotspur was the first big club to float its shares in 1983 and now they are latest club to delist, announcing plans to quit the Aim junior stock market.   The club argued that its Aim-traded status was acting as an impediment to plans to raise money to build a new stadium.

How much will City get for Tevez?

How much will Manchester City get back if they sack Carlos Tevez after his unauthorised flit to Buenos Aires and sue him for compensation?   The answer isn't straightforward as neither the player's representative nor the club have been prepared to say exactly how much they paid for him with guesstimates ranging from £25m to £47m.