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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


Manchester United cut interest bill by £10m a year

Manchester United have cut their interest bill by £10m a year after a major refinancing through Bank of America. The refinancing deal on £177.78m of sterling bonds and some $17m of dollar bonds means that interest rates on the loans of between 8.75 per cent and 8.375 per cent will be replaced by a variable rate. Analysts expect interest rates to remain low for some years to come.

Is football a public good?

Is football a 'public good'?  That is the rather surprising claim made by the chief executive of the Bundesliga in an interview with The Guardian's David Conn.  

Man City move into US market

In the latest piece of evidence of a continuing trend towards globalisation in football, Manchester City are to acquire a majority share in a Major League Soccer franchise with the New York Yankees baseball team. There is thus 'crossover' both in sports and countries.

City will have a team called New York City FC playing in MLS from the 2015-16 season, with the Yankees, a top global sporting brand, holding a 25 per cent stake. The new club could play in the same sky blue colours as City.

Is finishing fourth cause for celebration?

Arsenal fans certainly thought so yesterday, even though it was another season without a trophy. They had qualified for the Champions League again at the expense of their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Moreover, one cannot claim that their league position was a shock: they have finished 3rd or 4th every year since 2005.

Beckham's celebrity appeal

Whether David Beckham was a good or a great footballer has been debated on Radio 5 this morning, but he was certainly the greatest footballing celebrity of his generation. Having played at two of the greatest clubs in the world, Manchester United and Real Madrid, he then went to the ultimate celebrity destination, Los Angeles, and topped it off with a stay in the home of cosmopolitan chic, Paris.

Newcastle United top match day travel table

Newcastle United have topped a table of Premier League clubs constructed by the Campaign for Better Transport measuring how well grounds are served by public transport.

Sir Alex the globalizing socialist

More has probably now been written about the depature of Sir Alex Ferguson than that of Margaret Thatcher and it is difficult to say anything fresh or new. Yet The Economist has managed to do so in its Bagehot column, named after the weekly's editor from 1861 to 1877.

United have the structures in place

Many United fans seem underwhelmed by the appointment of David Moyes as new Manchester United manager. The fact that he was the choice of Sir Alex Ferguson does not reassure some of them. They think that Sir Alex wanted someone in his own mould, not least a fellow Glaswegian.

BT ups the ante in war with BSkyB

BT has upped the ante in its battle with BSkyB to retain broadband customers. Subscribers to its reduced cost broadband service will have free access to its share of Premier League football games. BT has invested £2.5bn in its high speed broadband network and a further £1bn over three years in its sports channels.

Mourinho for Chelsea?

With David Moyes set to take up over at Old Trafford, the way is clear for José Mourinho to return to Chelsea. Many United fans might have preferred Mourinho to come to United, but Moyes is clearly Sir Alex Ferguson's favoured successor and will offer the stability the club rightly emphasises.