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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


Relegation would pose financial questions at Bolton

Relegation is never good news financially for any club, but it would pose special challenges at Bolton.   The club is bankrolled by low profile Isle of Man-based owner Eddie Davies who made his fortune in kettle thermostats.   All the club's debt is essentially owned by him and he is there for the long term.

Top clubs could pull out of Champions League

Top European clubs could ultimately decide to leave Uefa and the Champions League and form their own breakway competition as a solution to the constraints imposed by the Financial Fair Play regulations.   There is a growing fear, exemplified by the move of Nicholas Anelka, possibly to be followed by Didier Drogba, that financial power in football may start to shift from Europe to Asia.

Are QPR the new Leeds?

This is the comparison made by Tony Cascarino in a critical article in The Times yesterday who also throws in West Ham United for good measure.

Cascarino reckons that QPR display 'a desperation to stay in the Barclays Premier League at all costs; a sense that the club's future is being mortgaged to pay for the present.  Big signings, big wages, big egos.'  

Branson dons the shirt

The iconic appeal of a top club's shirt was evident when Sir Richard Branson donned one in Newcastle yesterday for the launch of the rebranding of Northern Rock as Virgin Money.  For it quickly became apparent that Branson, who said that he now supports Newcastle United, has limited knowledge of football.   He referred to the club's 'three love' win against Manchester United and his ball control skills in a photo stunt appeared clumsy, leading bystanders to express the hope that he handled the business better than the ball.

Financial fair play rules hit City

Uefa's Financial Fair play rules are hitting home at Manchester City as the club bids for its first title in 44 years.  Manager Roberto Mancini has been told that the Abu Dhabi owners will no longer sanction spending sprees as the club struggles to comply with the rules following losses of £195m in 2011.

Sir Alex's management secrets

We continue our look at the management secrets of Sir Alex Ferguson as revealed by Simon Kuper in the Financial Times.

Sir Alex the manager

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates his 70th birthday on New Year's Eve and there is no sign of an early departure from Old Trafford.   Why should there be?   Manchester United have a good chance of retaining the title.   Perhaps what distinguishes them from other clubs is their ability to win even when they do not play well.

Rovers need 'significant funding'

In a statement accompanying the release of the accounts for Blackburn Rovers, owners Venky's admit that the club would require 'significant funding' in the short term.   Detailed cash flow statements have been prepared for the 18 months to June 2013.  

£18.6m loss anticipated at Blackburn Rovers

Venky's are expected to announce a £18.6m loss in their first year in charge at Blackburn Rovers.  £13.8m went on transfers and agents' fees and £4.8m was incurred in costs including pay offs to sacked manager Sam Allerdyce and other senior staff.   The total payroll at the club is around £50m.

Gallacher speaks out on Rovers sinking into abyss

Kevin Gallacher was a striker with Blackburn Rovers who formed part of the Premiership winning title side and he has spoken out about his concerns about the club and his fear that it is 'going into the abyss'.   He argues that Steve Kean's position as manager has become 'untenable'.