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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


Spurs welcome Olympic Stadium decision

Tottenham Hostpur have welcomed the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OLPC) decision not to proceed with the current bid process for a legacy tenant in a brief statement.

'We welcome the OPLC decision to end the current Olympic Stadium bid process, said the Spurs statement.   'We firmly believe that the bid we put forward was, in fact, a realistic sporting solution for the stadium, along with a substantial return to the taxpayer, community programming and athletics provision.'

Counting your chickens before they are hatched

It's almost a year since Indian poultry firm Venky's took over Blackburn Rovers.   Arguably it's been one of the less successful recent takeovers in English football, certainly in the Premiership.

There was a lot of talk about Champions League qualification at the time of the takeover.  Instead what one has seen is a club that was comfortably mid-table being dragged into a relegation battle.  The experienced Sam Allardyce was replaced by the untried Steve Kean and it is evident that quite a lot of Blackburn supporters think that was a mistake.

Fulham to stay at The Cottage

Chelsea and QPR may be thinking of moving, but Fulham FC have announced that they are going to stay at their historic home at Craven Cottage and expand the capacity to 30,000.

Arsenal do not need Champions League

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has insisted that the club's financial model does not depend on being in the Champions League.    The club made £26m from reaching the Round of 16 last year and has been in the competition for 14 consecutive seasons, but a poor start this season makes qualification next year less certain.

Wasps move creates opportunity for QPR

Wasps rugby club has been put up for sale and anticipates returning to its historic base in West London.   The decision was taken by owner Steve Hayes after Wycombe District Council withdrew its support for a new complex in the Booker area of the town.   Wasps have shared Adams Park with Wycombe Wanderers, also owned by Hayes, since 2002.   One of the difficulties is access to and from the ground which is along a single road through an industrial estate.

The devil is in the detail

Predictably initial media reaction to yesterday's European Court of Justice (ECJ) case involving Portsmouth publican Karen Murphy over simplified a complex set of issues.   Indeed, the only certainty in this matter is that the winners will be the lawyers who will pocket substantial fees in subsequent litigation.

Chelsea fans concerned about Bridge move

Many Chelsea fans consider that there a number of unanswered questions about the proposed move away from Stamford Bridge and are mobilising to ensure that any decision has been fully thought through and is in the best long-term interests of the club.

Various fan groups such as the Chelsea Supporters Club, the Chelsea Supporters Group and CFC UK are planning a meeting for Monday to organise their tactics before the vote of Chelsea Pitch Owners PLC (CPO) shareholders on October 27th.

European Court ruling won't change much

Although the Premier League lost its case on football brodcasting in the European Court today, and hence Sky lost as well, the outcome will not change that much, at least in the short run, although no doubt further litigation will follow.

Chelsea prepare to move stadium

Gate money is a key element in Manchester United's overall success and in particular has helped to provide the financial means that have allowed them to out distance Liverpool.   Chelsea's stadium is only the eighth largest in the Premier League which curbs matchday revenues.   So it is no surprise that Chelsea have revived plans to move away from the Bridge.

United set on 'monetising' fan base

'Monetising' is very much a buzz word these days.   In the next phase of their commercial strategy, Manchester United are determined to monetise their fan base 'and put that into a moneymaking machine' in the words of their commercial director, Richard Arnold talking to the Financial Times.