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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


Anfield development will not hit player spending

When a club builds a new stadium, it often doesn't provide the expected boost on the pitch and sometimes financial problems ensue.   Southampton had a difficult time after they moved to St. Mary's.   There is a lot to be said for re-developing your existing ground if that can provide what is needed and is not too disruptive to fans.

Can United Do $1bn Nike deal?

New Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward has come under some criticism for the club's relative lack of activity in the transfer window, although they would claim their great success was holding on to Wayne Rooney who had evidently wanted to leave.

All the more important that Woodward secures a possible $1bn kit deal with Nike. There is time pressure on Woodward and his commercial staff because the big sports clothing companies, with whom United are now free to negotiate, generally need 18 months' notice to deliver a new kit range.

Roland Rat takes on the Premiership

Whatever one thinks about Greg Dyke, he has not had a boring life. He was the man who revived the fortunes of faltering breakfast television by introducing the character Roland Rat who was an instant hit with children.

Now, as head of the Football Association, he is taking on a rather tougher target in the form of the Barclays Premier League. When I say 'taking on', Dyke has made it clear that he is more than happy to work with the Premiership. However, his stance may well be seen as a threat to the interests of the Premier League.

Here we go again

The end of the transfer window is usually accompanied by a great deal of hand wringing about how much footballers get paid.   The latest example is calculations of how much Gareth Bale gets paid a minute, which is admittedly a lot, although his lifestyle seems to have been relatively modest up to now.

Never go back?

Should one ever return to a former employer? It can end in tears because the dynamics of the organisation have changed and your knowledge of it is outdated.

The Appointments section of the Financial Times discussed this dilemma in yesterday's issue in terms of the return of José Mourinho to Chelsea. The Pink 'Un asks, are Mr Mourinho and Mr Abramovich right to work together again?

Newcastle fans unhappy at lack of transfers in

It is evident that Newcastle fans are very unhappy about the fact that their club has finished bottom of the Premier League spending table in the transfer window,   Manager Alan Pardew has explained that there have been financial constraints but that only worries them even more.  Fans organised in United for Newcastle are threatening to stage protests when they return to action after the international break.

Transfer window breaks all records

Player transfer spending by Premier League clubs in the summer 2013 transfer window was a record, according to analysis by Deloitte. Gross spending totalled £630m, 29% up on the equivalent 2012 figure of £490m and £130m more than the previous record of £500m set in 2008.

Transfer deadline day

It's transfer deadline day and the last minute trolley dash is on. It has been suggested that Tottenham Hotspur held back on the Gareth Bale transfer to try and deny Arsenal signings that they want from Real Madrid as the Spainards seek to recoup some of Bale's fee.

The North London mystery

I have some good friends who are Arsenal fans and some good friends who are Spurs fans and, in any case, I have to be neutral when a North London derby comes along, although I still find it fascinating.

Spurs have spent heavily in this transfer window in anticipation of the sale of Gareth Bale and those who know about things think they have spent the windfall well. Meanwhile, Arsenal are yet to make a marquee signing, although there are reports in the papers today of a last minute effort (probably not the best way to do business as you end up paying top dollar).

Big spenders out in transfer window

As the last day of the transfer window on Monday approaches, uncertainty still clouds a possible £86m transfer of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. This is not just significant for fans of the two clubs involved, it could trigger other big money deals. Real could try to partially cover its investment in Bale by selling off some of its top players. If the deal does go ahead, it will be the fifth successive occasion that Real has broken the world transfer record.