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The Premiership


Premier League shirt deals rise to record high

The combined value of Premier League shirt sponsorship deals this year is £226.5m, an increase of £3.6m on last year.  In percentage terms this is less than two per cent, so it is a much smaller rise than that for broadcasting contracts.

The new economics of the Premier League

Manchester City want to sign defender John Stones from Everton for £40m.   Everton have insisted on £50m and at that price the deal is unlikely to go ahead.

This has a broader significance beyond these two clubs.   The revenue from the new broadcasting contract means that no club has to sell a player if they don't want to in order to stay afloat.

Another busy summer transfer window

Boosted by the new television contract, the Premier League is expected to exceed last summer's transfer spend of £670m.   Ten years ago in 2006 it was just £250m.   Between 2007 and 2012 it fluctuated around a figure just short of £500m, although it reached that amount in 2008 and fell back to £385m in 2010. There was then a big jump from £480m in 2012 to £630m in 2013.

China's growing impact on football

This is the third story we have posted in three days about China and football.   What China wants, China tends to get.   Turning coral reefs in the South China Sea into military bases, and in particular infringing the sovereignty of the Phillipines, was recently condemned by the International Court in The Hague, but it is unlikely to change China's behaviour.

City sign first esport player

Manchester City has signed their first esports player to compete in the world of gaming.  Kieran Brown, an 18-year old gamer who has more than 12,000 followers on YouTube will represent the club at Fifa esports tournaments.  

Gamers sit in row in front of computers where they play against each other, often watched by thousands of spectators.   It has progressed from small get togethers of geeks to football stadium sized events.

Sterling fall hits football

Premier League clubs are having to adjust to a new operating environment after sterling hit a new 31-year low on Brexit fears.   Some would argue that this is the result of exaggerated fears raised by the Remain campaign, others that the economic consequences of Brexit are making themselves felt.

Winter break back on agenda

Every time the England team has one of its periodic failures, the idea of a winter break in the season is revived so that Premier League footballers can recuperate from their gruelling duties and take in some sunshine in Dubai or the Maldives.

American owners at Swansea

The takeover of Swansea City by an American investment group was completed yesterday.  The consortium is fronted by Jason Levein and Steve Kaplan, who have extensive experience in American sports.

United remain top brand

Manchester United remain the top brand in world football with an estimated value of over $1 billion for the second successive year.   Leicester City saw the biggest increase of 132 per cent, going from 42nd to 16th place with a value of £166m.

Arsenal saw a 22 per cent increase in brand value, going from seventh to sixth place with a value calculated at £593m.  They overtook Chelsea who saw a two per cent fall in their brand value to £530m.

Cost of kit and sponsorship deals rises rapidly

The cost of football kit and sponsorship deals has been rising rapidly.   Manchester United set the tone when it switched from Nike to Adidas kits in 2015, in a deal worth around £75m a year.  Barcelona did even better.   By extending its Nike kit deal last month, the club more than doubled its annual revenue from kit to €150m a year.