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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


The case for radical reform

This blog essay from Speri at the University of Sheffield sees 3rd party ownership of players as highlighing the issues that arise from the intertwining of football and capitalism.  It says that the transfer system does not redistribute resources between clubs, although that is not really its purpose.

City control wage bill

Manchester City have dropped far behind Manchester United in terms of overall wage bill, the club's annual report shows.  City, who once had the largest Premier League salary costs. had a wage bill of £196m, putting them on a par with Arsenal and below United's figure of £232m for 2015/16 and Chelsea's £215m for the previous season.

Wages amounted to 50 per cent of turnover, the figure recommended by accountants Deloitte.  Three years ago City were penalised by Uefa for breaching financial fair play rules.

New Chelsea kit sponsorship deal

Chelsea has signed a kit sponsorship deal with Nike worth £900m, the largest of its kind in the Premier League.  The 15-year deal is reported to be worth £60m a year.

The size of the contract reflects the rapid rise in the cost of football kit and sponsorship deals as the international audience for Premier League games has grown.

Chelsea ended its previous kit relationship with Adidas in May.   That deal had been worth £300m over ten years, but the club decided that it was well below market value.   

Spurs want to rename station

Spurs want to change the name of White Hart Lane station to 'Tottenham Hotspur' in time for their move into their new stadium.   They are also exploring changing the name of a section of road leading from the station to the junction with Tottenham High Road.

Spurs are confident that they can secure the change for less than the £12m fee that Transport for London have asked for.   TfL plan to carry out major improvement works to the station including a new entrance and ticket hall.   White Hart Lane has never been an easy ground to get away from.

Liverpool introduce Academy wage cap

Liverpool have introduced a wage cap of £40,000 for their 17-year old first year professionals.  This compares well with median gross annual earnings for full-time employees of £27,195.  The amount paid can increase with bonuses.   It is understood that Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur have similar policies.

Second phase of football investment

We are now into a second phase of global investment in English football, according to Rory Smith, writing in the latest issue of Four Four Two.

He argues that the Manchester City takeover in 2008 was a watershed.   The amount it cost Sheikh Mansour to turn City into a top class Premier League outfit was much more than the money spent by Roman Abramovich on Chelsea.

Brady's controversial remarks

Karren Brady is getting hammered on social media after controversial remarks she made at the Football Leaders conference in London.   She said that before West Ham moved to the London Stadium the club had no culture.   The move was essential to get the culture right and rebrand the club.

The stadium effect

Clubs hope that a move to a new stadium will be give them a boost on and off the pitch.  Fans may be sorry to say goodbye to the old stadium and its facilities, but soon get used to the new stadium and its better facilities.  

With a bigger revenue stream, the club is able to build the team.   Against that, the capital costs of the new stadium can reduce the funds available for the team, as at Arsenal.

New corruption allegations

A series of new allegations about corruption in football has emerged following the 'sting' which led to the termination of the contract of England manager Sam Allardyce.   If these allegations are shown to be true, it would suggest that there is a widespread problem of corruption in football.

United's financial success

After a summer break the author of the superb Swiss Ramble blog is back.   This time he takes on the big task of analysing Manchester United's finances, providing his usual forensic and informative analysis, backed up by lots of charts and tables.   Everything you want to know about United's finances is there and I certainly gained some insights.