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Scottish Championship


Points deduction is heavy blow for Dundee

The administrator of Dundee FC, Brian Jackson, has described the 25-point penalty imposed on the club as a 'serious blow' to his efforts to save the club.   It makes relegation to what is the third division of the Scottish system a real likelihood, making the club much less attractive to prospective investors.  Even if things went well, it would take two years to reach the SPL.

Italian job at Dundee?

Former director Giovanni di Stefano is interested in owning Dundee.  The flamboyant Italian lawyer was last on the board in 2003 and thinks he has unfinished business at Dens Park.  He thinks that £300,000 to £500,000 could see the club through the season.

Dundee's chances of survival 50-50

Dundee's chances of survival are put by its adminstrator at 50-50.   Bryan Jackson has been involved with football club administrations at Clydebank and Motherwell and says he would not have taken the job if he did not think there was a chance of success.  But even with cuts in the squad and staff, he only has enough cash flow to keep going to Christmas.

Bleak outlook at Dundee

The Dundee fan interviewed on Radio 5 this morning took a bleak view of the survival prospects of the club which has entered administration.   The club had to deal with a much larger debt, some £23m, when it was last in adminstration, but that was not in the middle of a financial crisis.

Liquidation threat at Dundee

The situation at Dundee appears to have become more serious with a threat that the club might have to be liquidated if its finances cannot be sorted out in the next four weeks.  It is believed to have overall debts of around £2m.

The club's benefactor, Calum Melville, has contributed £200,000 to paying off the club's tax debt which pushed it into administration.   Another £200,000 is needed and half of that has pledged by local business people.

Dundee to enter administration

Dundee Football Club is to enter administration.  The Division 1 club has been unable to negotiate a settlement with the tax authorities over an outstanding £365,000 bill.  The club had been hoping to make a one-off payment and benefactor Calum Melville lodged a payment of £200,000 with the club's solicitors earlier in the week.

Partick Thistle hit cash flow problems

Glasgow's Partick Thistle are encountering cash flow problems.    The Jags live in the shadow of 'The Old Firm', although they appeal to a somewhat different clientele.   It is now twelve years since the club's fans stopped it going to the wall with a 'Save the Jags campaign'.   It is anticipated that in this new crisis the club will make an appeal to fans for funds.

Dundee in trouble

Scottish first division club Dundee face financial problems and a possible points deduction through administration.  The club was last in administration in 2004 and some fans think that the situation was more serious then.   However, there are uncertainties about the future involvement of the club's benefactor, Calum Melville, while Revenue and Customs are pressing for settlement of a £250,000 tax bill and have apparently rejected a suggestion of payment by instalments.