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Scottish Premier League


Hearts hit by new sanctions

Hearts have been hit by new sanctions after they failed to pay bonuses and appearance money to players and coaching staff and also failed to tell the Scottish Premier League (SPL) 'in a timely manner' about their latest financial shortcomings.   They have been handed a further registration embargo by the SPL.

Hope for Hearts as the year ends

It's been a tough few months for Hearts on the financial front with the club being threatened with liquidation at one stage,  Although challenges remain, the picture is brighter as the year draws to a close.

Fan takeover at Hearts?

Supporters Direct will meet with Hearts for a fifth time today in a bid to persuade Vladimir Romanov to sell to a fan-based group.

Earlier in the week a £4.5m bid for the club by a consortium of unknown investors headed by Angelo Massone.  He was in charge at Livingston in a disastrous spell which nearly brought the club to its knees.

How Hearts lost their heart

I developed a serious interest in football in 1953 when I started to go to matches at Charlton with my father.   As my knowledge of the game developed, it became apparent that Scottish clubs often did not have obvious geographical names like their English counterparts.   Given his Scottish ancestry, my father made sure that I followed football north of the border.

Hearts on the brink

The long drawn out saga at Hearts may be entering its final phase with the possibility being raised that the club might play its last game against St. Mirren on Saturday 17 November.   In a letter to fans, the club has said 'This isn't a bluff, this isn't scaremongering, this is reality.'

For the third time in a year the club faces liquidation over unpaid taxes.   Revenue & Customs presented a winding-down petition to the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Monday over just under £450,000 in unpaid PAYE and National Insurance.

Rangers: my part in its downfall

Craig Whyte has set out a defence of his actions at Rangers in an interview with the BBC.    In particular, he makes allegations against the administrators, claiming that they knew about the Ticketus season ticket deal which enabled Mr Whyte to buy the club.

Celtic relaxed about loss and debt

Celtic are relaxed about a small profit turning into a loss of more than £7m and debt increasing by £2m.

The club's preliminary results for the year ending 30 June showed a decline in turnover to £51,34m, an increase in operating expenses of £1.93m and an overall loss of £7.37m.   The level of debt has risen from £0.53m in June 2011 to £2.77m in June 2012.

Salary problems at Hearts again

A number of top players were not paid on time at Hearts again on  Monday as the Edinburgh club encountered renewed cash flow problems.

What will the price of sporting integrity be?

Rangers have been placed in the bottom tier of Scottish football in the name of sporting integrity.  But what will the financial cost to the Scottish game be?

The honest answer is that no one really knows.   The figure of £16m a year has been bandied around by the Scottish Football Association, but I have never seen a proper explanation of its components.

Rangers out of SPL

Scottish Premier League (SPL) clubs have voted overwhelmingly to exclude 'newco' Rangers from the competition.   What remains unclear is where Rangers will compete next season or whether Dundee or Dunfermline Athletic will take the 'Club 12' slot.

Earlier in the day it looked as if the vote would be deferred.  It was being argued that a decision cannot be taken until Scottish Football League clubs decide next Thursday whether to admit Rangers.