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Scottish Premier League


Nine Rangers players seek an exit

Nine senior Rangers players are insisting that they are free agents and can leave the club in the wake of its liquidation.   The Charles Green consortium is taking an uncompromising position, well aware that the club's depleted assets would shrink further if it loses the players' transfer values.   The club said that it would be filing claims for breach of contract.

Absence of Rangers could hit Motherwell

Motherwell are concerned that they could be tipped into administration if Rangers are thrown out of the Scottish Premier League (SPL).   However, they also think they could take a hit if Rangers stay in because fans might boycott the game.

Rangers buyout of Bury denied

A reported plan for Rangers to buy Bury FC has been scotched by the League 1 club.   Under the plan Bury's home fixtures would be moved to Ibrox and played there, starting with the game against Brentford.

It is unclear why Bury was selected or whether the scheme would be compatible with the rules of either English or Scottish football.

Which will be Club No.12?

When next season's fixtures for the Scottish Premier League are published tomorrow they will include a slot for Club No.12.  This formula reflects the difficulties Rangers face as they seek to transfer their Scottish Premier League (SPL) share from the old company (Rangers Football Club plc) to the new company (The Rangers Football Club).

At the moment it is unclear which club will occupy this slot.   Dunfermline Athletic could be saved from relegation or Dundee, who took the runners up slot in the division below, could be promoted alongside Ross County.

Rangers face liquidation

Rangers now face liquidation, after it became known that Revenue and Customs intend to vote against a proposed company voluntary arrangement at a meeting scheduled for Thursday.

Fifa sticks its oar in at Rangers

It often seems to be one step forward two steps backward at Rangers.   After yesterday's court victory, Sepp Blatter and his bunch of cronies in Switzerland have stuck their oar in and are issuing all sorts of threats to the Scottish Football Association (SFA).

Rangers transfer ban quashed

Rangers have won a court case against a transfer ban imposed on them by the Scottish Football Association (SFA).  The ban would have seriously compromised their ability to compete next season.

Hearts sale hopes

Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov hopes that the improving financial health of the club will increase the chances of it being sold to a new investor.   Debts at the Scottish FA Cup winner are substantially down and the club has made a profit for the last two years.

United top brand league

Manchester United have once again topped the football brand league compiled by Brand Finance. Their brand value of $853m is up by 29 per cent and gives them an A+++ rating.   The list takes into account various revenue streams for clubs, such as ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorship deals and money received from the sale of broadcasting rights.

United have invested heavily in professional marketing skills, bringing in specialists from firms such as Pepsi and Disney.   There is no doubt that their brand is one of the few that has a global reach.

Rangers administrators repudiate charges

The administrators of Rangers, Duff & Phelps, have emphatically repudiated a series of allegations about conflict of interest relating to the handling of the Ticketus deal made in a BBC documentary.   They regard the allegations as defamatory and are consulting their solicitors with a view to taking legal proceedings.