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Scottish Premier League


More bad news for Rangers

Following the rejection of their appeal against fines and a transfer embargo, there is more bad news for Rangers.   The Scottish Premier League (SPL) have got their legal team scrutinising every contract issued to players between 1998 and 2010 for evidence of non-permissible payments.    Any sanctions imposed would transfer to any newco that was set up.

Green consortium in at Rangers

An international consortium headed by former Sheffield United chief executive Charles Green has agreed a deal to take Rangers out of administration.   The consortium has 20 participants from the UK but also from the Middle East, Indonesia and China.   A consortium of this size should be able to raise the funds the club needs.  It certainly represents its best last hope.

Staggies appeal to fans for donations

Dingwall side Ross County hope that the story of their rise from the Highland League to the Scottish Premier League will inspire fans around the country to give them £20 donations to fund their campaign in the top flight.

Fans from Charlton Athletic and MK Dons have already chipped in, but more specifically they are targeting the 20,000 fans who travelled from far and wide to watch County's historic Scottish Cup final appearance two years ago.

Rangers 'a step nearer liquidation'

Speaking on Radio 5 this morning the president of the Rangers Supporters Assembly warned that the club was a step nearer liquidation following the withdrawal of Bill Miller as preferred bidder.   Player contracts revert to full wages on June 1st and the club is running out of cash.

Unanswered questions at Rangers

Even though American tycoon Bill Miller has been named as the preferred bidder for Rangers, many unanswered questions remain.   A lot of these centre around the continuity of the club, although as far as fans are concerned the historic identity of the club would remain unchanged whatever its legal form.

Hearts reduce debt

Hearts have announced a profit for the second successive year and reduced their debt to £24m.  That is still a substantial amount, but it is the lowest level for six years.   The figures relate to the 11 months until 30 June 2011 and therefore do not cover the current season when owner Vladimir Romanov has said that he wants to sell the club  and there have been four months of significant delays in paying salaries.

Newco option looks more likely for Rangers

A 'newco' option to exit administration is looking increasingly likely for Rangers, even though Brian Kennedy, associated with one of the two bids on the table, insists that an exit via a company voluntary arrangement is still feasible.

Two bids for Rangers

Administrators Duff & Phelps now have to subject two bids for Rangers to a process of due diligence. Sale Sharks owner Brian Kennedy came together with the Blue Knights consortium to mount a joint bid. The merit of this is that Kennedy has more financial resources while the Blue Knights have more knowledge of the club.

Another slap for Rangers

Following the sanctions imposed on Rangers by the Scottish Football Association (SFA), 'Gers manager Ally McCoist suggested in some desperation that they might as well start all over again in the third division (fourth tier) of the league.

SFA slam transfer embargo and big fine on Rangers

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) have fined Rangers £160,000 and imposed a transfer embargo on them for the next twelve months which means they can only sign players under the age of 18.   This comes at a time when the administrators have still not been able to name a preferred bidder and American truck tycoon Bill Miller has made it clear that his offer is reliant on no nasty surprises.