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Scottish Premier League


Hearts slams players who won't leave

Hearts have slammed fringe players who won't turn in their contracts to ease the club's financial position. In a statement the club said that they preferred to take the club's money 'while offering very little or nothing in return.'

Plenty of interest in Rangers

At least five bidders have emerged to take Rangers out of administration.    In pole position are the Blue Knights consortium fronted by former director Paul Murray.   Scots businessman Brian Kennedy, although claiming to be a reluctant bidder, has garnered some impressive support.

Rangers bidder doesn't really want the club

It's a bit odd to put in a bid for a major football club but say that you don't really want to own  it.   But that is essentially the position of Scottish businessman Brian Kennedy who has confirmed that he will be among the bidders for Rangers.

Several bids for Rangers

As expected, there have been several expressions of interest in taking Rangers out of administration. These include prospective bids from America and the Far East. The administrators want to sort out which bids are serious and backed by sufficient funds by the end of the week.

Blue Knights ride to rescue at Rangers

The future of Rangers is looking brighter after respected former director Paul Murray confirmed that his 'Blue Knights' consortium is finalising an offer to buy the club.   Mjurray left the club's board shortly after Craig Whyte took control.

Frustrating day at Rangers

It was a frustrating day at Rangers yesterday as the administrators sought agreement on player wage cuts as a means of avoiding redundancies.   However, there were signs by the end of the day that an agreement was closer.  Meanwhile, Greg Wylde, a 20-year old product of the Rangers youth system, chose to terminate his contract.

Rangers versus Portsmouth friendly?

Both Rangers and Portsmouth are desperate for cash flow and a friendly between them has been mooted, although finding a date suitable to both clubs could be a problem.   Perhaps there could be a new cup competition for clubs in administration sponsored by the administrators.

Wages shortfall at Dunfermline

Smaller Scottish clubs have been hit hard by Rangers going into administration.   Dunfermline are still waiting for £85,000 from Rangers for tickets sold to away fans for a match at their ground on 11 February. As a consequence some players have received only 60 per cent of their wages for February.

Whyte denies trying to 'make a fast buck' out of Rangers

Craig Whyte, the chairman of Rangers, has issued a long statement denying that he has been 'trying to make a fast buck' out of the club.   This follows further information about what happened to the Ticketus money raised as a loan against season ticket sales.   It appears that this was used to pay off debts to Lloyds Bank, thus facilitating Whyte's takeover.   It could be argued that, in effect, fans were funding his takeover.

Profits boost at Motherwell

Motherwell Football Club has announced profits of £541,663 for 2010/11 compared to £18,000 the previous year.   The club was in administration between 2002 and 2004 but unpleasant though this experience was it seems to have put them on a sounder footing.