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Scottish Premier League


No time added on for Rangers

Rangers thought they would have a relatively leisurely 10 days to decide whether to appoint administrators.   But the Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled today that they would have to appoint administrators by 3.30 p.m., giving them just 90 minutes, the length of a football match but with no time added on.

Rangers plan for administration

In a shock development Rangers have lodged papers (termed 'a paper of part' in Scottish law) with the Court of Session in Edinburgh signalling their intention to place the club in administration.

Celtic report improved results

Celtic have reported improved results for the six months to 31 December.   Turnover was up 3.1 per cent to £29.3m.   Particularly encouraging was the reduction in bank debt by £2m to just over £7m. 

Concerns grow about Rangers

Concerns are growing about Craig Whyte's stewardship of Rangers.  Admittedly, the old regime, who have been criticising Whyte, are not free from blame for the precarious state of affairs.  It was David Murray that came up with the Employee Benefit Tax Scheme which could yet land the club with a tax bill of millions that it would find it difficult to pay.

Transfer action in Scotland

Believe it or not, there is still transfer action north of the border as this interesting analysis shows.  Indeed, as crowds fall and television income lags way behind what is available in England, it becomes a financial necessity for Scottish clubs, plus football south of the border is a big lure for players.

Hearts furious at new SPL charge

Hearts have been charged with 'failing to behave with the utmost good faith' by the Scottish Premier League.   The club is furious at this new charge and is contemplating legal action against the league.

Hearts was supposed to pay player wages on schedule on 16 January.   The transfers were made that day, but not all of them arrived before midnight giving the league the technical grounds to bring a charge.

Mixed picture for Dundee United

The latest financial results for Dundee United reveal something of a mixed picture, although the chairman is very upbeat about them.   The club is far less indebted than it was, but player sales have played an important role in keeping it on an even financial keel.

Rangers shares suspended

Rangers shares have been suspended from the PLUS market because of a failure to submit audited accounts on time.   However, the club played down the significance of the move, arguing that they had been thinking of leaving the exchange anyway given that few shares are traded.

Finances are key at Hearts

Hearts have been moving up the Scottish Premier League  (SPL) table, but manager Paulo Sergio thinks that the key task facing the indebted club is to sort out its finances and get them on an even keel.  He accepts that he will have to use young players as more senior players depart to trim the wage bill.

Hearts told to pay up

Hearts have been told by the Scottish Premier League (SPL) to pay the outstanding wages of 14 first team players by 11 January.   This month's wages must be paid on the normal date of 16 January.  The club must pay interest on all overdue wages as well as paying the claimant's legal expenses and the SPL's costs for conducting the hearing.