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Kit Suppliers


Major European Clubs Kit Suppliers and Shirt Sponsors - 2009-10

Table showing the offical kit suppliers and shirt sponsors of thirty of the largest European professional football clubs during season  2009/10. Concerning kit suppliers, Adidas were associated with ten of the clubs, nine of the clubs were supplied by Nike, three by Umbro, two by Puma and one each by Kappa, Under Armou, Reebok, Lotto, Jako and Joma.

Team Football Kit Suppliers World Cup 2006

List of  official Football Kit Suppliers to the thirty-two participating countries in the 2006 World Cup held in Germany.

Puma kitted out the most teams (12), followed by Nike with 8 teams and Adidas 6 teams.

Umbro and Lotto were kit suppliers for two teams each, whilst Joma and Marathon supplied one team each.

Football Boots Manufacturers Market Share by Value - 2000

List of the main Football Boots Manufacturers in the UK ranked by estimated Market Share by Value iin year 2000. Adidas headed the list, followed by (in order) Puma, Reebok, Umbro and then Nike. Brands in the 'Others' category would include: Lotto, Joma, Mizuno, Valsport, Asics, uhl and more.

Source: ODS