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£115m bill for agents


Premier League clubs spent £115m on agents in the last two transfer windows.   Four top clubs spent more than the combined wage bill of all League 2 clubs for a whole season.

The four were made up of Chelsea who spent £16.7m, Liverpool who spent £14.3m, Manchester City who pent £12.8m and Tottenham Hotspur who spent £10.9m.    Chelsea may consider that they got value for money in terms of a stellar transfer window, Liverpool less so.

At the other end of the spectrum, Burnley spent less than a million pounds (£711,204) which is still quite a lot for a prudent club.

Agents will go to any lengths to sell their wares.   My Championship club recently turned down a Brazilian striker because they could not afford his wage demands.   Stories are now appearing in the press of interest from Premiership clubs which looks like a desperate ploy by his agent with the player without  a club and back in Brazil.