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Another reprieve for Truro City


It may seem  a bit like the condemned man who has become a fixture on death row being given another short stay of execution, but the latest news about Truro City does offer a slim hope that they might escape extinction.

The administrators have been given another week to save the club after players agreed to stay until October 11th.  As before, there are five or six parties said to be interested in buying the club, but what that means is far from clear.   Does it just amount to the idea appealing to them and do they have the necessary funds?  None of them has emerged as a firm bidder and they have had plenty of time to do that.

What is more significant is that the debts appear to be less than was previously supposed.  They are now said to be 'only'' £190,000 with the possibility of being negotiated down to a smaller figure.  My premium bond winnings this month are £25, but if I had hit the jackpot I might step in at that figure, given that I am of Cornish descent on my mother's side.   The serious point is that the sums involved are achievable for a group of moderately wealthy people.

The White Tigers do not have a fixture this weekend, so the players have been told they can play for other clubs this weekend to keep fit.   The hope is that an investor will come in by next Thursday so that the home fixture to Dover Athletic on the Saturday can be fulfilled.