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Arsenal season ticket hike angers fans


Arsenal's decision to increase 8,000 of their Platinum ticket prices at the Emirates by 3 per cent (above the rate of inflation) from next season has angered fans.   Club level seats range from £2,910 in the corner to £5,755 on the halfway line.

Arsenal argue that they have 'held Club Level seat prices flat for the past two seasons' and the reason behind the increase is 'rising costs and the need for continuous reinvestment and upgrades in this premium area of the Emirates Stadium.'  

Arsenal also point out that what they call 'general admission prices' or the rest of the season tickets are frozen for next season which means that these prices have been held flat for nine of the 12 seasons since the move to the Emirates.

Fans argue that the facilities in Club Level are fine as they are and don't need improving.  Not everyone there is a corporate: many are ordinary fans paying for their seats out of their salaries.   Arsenal will also benefit from the best television deal to date.

The money is certainly not being spent on player acquisitions by Arsene Wenger or 'Silent' Stan Kroenke, seemingly condemning Arsenal to the status of the 'nearly men' of the Premier League.

Arsenal have the most expensive standard season tickets in Premier League at £2,013, followed by Tottenham Hotspur at £1,895, Chelsea at £1,250, West Ham at £955, Manchester United at £950 and Manchester City at £900.

Arsenal season tickets

As an Arsenal season ticket holder I know that I get 26 games within that cost (Club level get more). How many are included in the other club's ticket prices?