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Attendances up in Football League


More than 18 million people attended Football League games this season, the highest number for almost 60 years.   Sky Bet Championship attendances surpassed the 11 million mark, with average crowds over 20,000.  

Last season, gates were under ten million in the second tier, averaging 17,758.   They were undoubtedly boosted by the relegation of Aston Villa and Newcastle United.   They had average attendances of 32,107 (75 per cent of capacity) and 51,106 (97 per cent of capacity) respectively.   Bottom of the attendance table were Burton Albion with an average of 5,227, although that represented 75 per cent of capacity.

In League One the total attendance was 4.4m at an average of 7,932.   This compared to 3.9m last season, averaging 7,038.   In League Two, gates were 2.6m, an average of 4,752.  This was slightly down on last season when total attendance reached 2.7m and an average of 4,904.