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Big new China TV deal


Foreign broadcasting deals have become an increasingly important part of the Premier League's revenue stream.   Their biggest deal yet is a new one for China that will earn £564m over three years from 2019-20.

The deal is with Suning's PPTV service.  It is the media division of Suning's retail group which also owns Inter Milan.  It claims to have 400 million online users.   Viewing by video stream is very popular in China.  It also has the live rights for games from La Liga.

The $200m a year deal dwarfs the current six year deal worth $18m a year.   It is bigger than the $167m a year a deal with NBC in the United States or the $137m a year deal for Hong Kong, itself considerable when one considers the size of the territory.   The deal will generate at least £8m for each Premier League club depending on exchange rates.

It is estimated that there are 170 million Premier League fans in China and that 350 million have watched a game.