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Big payday for Cambridge United


Cambridge United could look forward to a big boost to their revenues even if they had lost last night's FA Cup game against Manchester United.   Fans who wanted a ticket in the just under 8,000 capacity stadium were obliged to buy a half year season ticket if they were not already season ticket holders.

Now the club has won a replay at Old Trafford which will probably earn them close to their annual turnover of £1.6m.   The turnover of Manchester United is £433m.   The annual wage bill at Cambridge United is around £1,1m with the best paid player on £1.5k a week.  At Manchester United the wage bill is around £200m.

However, the most expensive season ticket at the Abbey Stadium is only half the cost (£450 against £900) of one at Old Trafford.   But then Cambridge do not have corporate hospitality lounges where prawn sandwiches are served.

The draw will also be a big boost to the morale of a club which has been through some difficult times and almost went out of existence.