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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Big spenders on agents


Manchester City and Chelsea spent the most money on agents in the last two transfer windows as Premier League clubs parted with £174m.   Manchester City spent £26.3m, Chelsea £25.1m, Manchester United £19m, Liverpool £13.8m and Arsenal £10.2m.

The three promoted clubs spent the least (£1.9m to £2.6m), while West Bromwich Albion were the next most parsimonious at £4.2m.

Championship clubs paid £42.4m in fees, an increase of 62 per cent.    A substantial proportion was accounted for by relegated clubs: Newcastle United (£10.4m); Aston Villa (£5.4m); Norwich (£3.2m).   Of existing clubs, Nottingham Forest led the way with £3.5m.  At the other end of the scale, Burton Albion paid out just £163,000.

League One fees declined to just over £3m.  Charlton Athletic paid out the most at £608,000.   Did they get value for money?