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Biggest English Football Clubs Ranked by Annual Turnover - 2004/05 to 2007/08


Note 1: Figures are in £ million. Note jump between 06/07 and 07/08 for Premier League clubs as money  from the new TV contract came online.

Note 2: Manchester United plc was de-listed from stock exchange in 2005 after the Glazer takeover. We have only used the football club's limited company turnover figures in the above table so it is missing certain marketing and ancillary revenues also accruing to the club. Deloitte had this figure at £166.4 million for 2004/05 and in January 2008 the club announced turnover at £245m. So total turnover at United is approx £60m larger than we are showing. Similarly, Deloitte estimated Chelsea's total turnover in 04/05 at £149.1 million - approx £40m more than we show.

Stats Table: 
Chelsea Football Club Ltd.122.657130.410165.341190.082
Arsenal F.C. plc115.075132.112139.003183.301
Manchester United FC Ltd107.561105.925143.823180.267
Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds plc121.054119.499133.910159.052
Tottenham Hotspur plc70.55068.885103.910114.788
Newcastle United Football Company Ltd87.11782.88287.08399.358
Manchester City Football Club plc60.86461.80256.95282.295
Everton F.C. Co. Ltd59.95358.12351.41275.650
Aston Villa plc51.26349.98252.67475.538
West Ham United F.C. plc25.14252.00749.42771.632
Portsmouth City Football Club Limited36.04336.06840.24570.476
Sunderland plc25.34139.25826.20763.477
The Reading Football Club Limited9.91515.11849.90957.698
Blackburn Rovers Football & Athletic plc41.30343.39643.30353.395
Fulham F.C. (1987) Ltd36.20737.11139.22852.031
Middlesbrough Football and Athletic Co. Ltd51.98847.98447.838Est 52+
Bolton Wanderers Football & Athletic Co. Ltd44.97046.51843.08751.103
Birmingham City F.C. plc42.70640.11725.03949.836
Derby County Ltd12.30511.35513.90748.558
Wigan Athletic AFC Ltd4.04334.85226.88942.845
Sheffield United plc12.88011.90138.93032.132
West Bromwich Albion Ltd.36.50435.54023.79727.237
Charlton Athletic plc40.71441.92535.92926.749
Leeds United A.F.C. Ltd.31.12123.249
Watford AFC Ltd7.1807.32828.82421.183
Norwich City F.C. plc37.42524.73723.77118.960
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (1986) Ltd23.91523.82315.85518.152
Ipswich Town Football Club Company Ltd17.48210.59710.47515.812
Southampton FC Ltd39.31720.50723.26914.917
Leicester City Football Club Ltd.14.103