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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Bradford model


Bradford City's co-owner Edin Rahic was the first German to become involved in owning an English league club.  He commissioned a detailed analysis of all 72 Football League clubs looking at history, transport facilities, manager turnover, squad size and average age and potential fan base.   The Bantams ticked all the boxes.

Ticket prices have been kept low.   Next year he has targeted 20,000 attendances paying the current £149 for a season ticket which would bring in the same money as 15,000 paying £199.  The extra five thousand will have money to spend on refreshments and merchandise, as well as creating a great atmosphere in the stadium.   Should the club get back to the Premier League, tickets will cost just £1.

Where the club has not been very successful is in attracting the large local population of British Asians or more recent East European arrivals.