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Bulls battle on


Hereford United secured another adjournment of a winding up order at the High Court earlier this week.  It was postponed for six weeks until December 1st with the club promising £1.5m in investment.

Herefordshire Council tried to take possession of Edgar Street on Thursday evening, but were thwarted by the assistant manager who was there.   The next day they started proceedings for possession in the county court.   However, the club paid £50,000 in rent and legal fees on Friday afternoon.

Bulls fans have been boycotting games this season and claim thar ex-owenr Tommy Agombar, who was banned from any involvement after failing the Owners' and Directors' test, still has a hand in the running of the club.

The club has stated that new investment will be brought in before the next court hearing.   The deal won't be signed and sealed for two or three weeks, but will involve shirt sponsorship.