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Is Carlisle bid for real?


One of the difficulties with reports about takeover bids is sorting out those which are substantive and those which are flights of the imagination.   There have been cases in the past of bidders for football clubs not having the funds they claimed to possess or promised to invest.   In one or two cases they actually proceeded to acquistion with disastrous results for the club concerned.

Carlisle supporters have expressed considerable scepticism about whether a mystery billionaire investor really is interested in the club, or even if he exists at all.  The saga has been dragging on for over a year.   The issue has been divisive over the summer.

However, the club is now claiming that the investor will travel to the UK before the end of August and meet the current owners.   The inclusion of that terrible management cliché 'going forward' in their statement does not inspire confidence.   In my experience it means that those involved have no idea where they are going or when they are going to get there.

Carlisle has the advantage of being a 'stand alone' club with no rivals in the vicinity.   However, it is relatively geographically isolated and not particularly prosperous.   Of course, if Scotland became independent, it would have a new status as a border town.