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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Challenges facing Brentford


The latest club to receive the forensic financial analysis of the Swiss Ramble blog is Brentford.  As usual. there is a wealth of comparative data on other clubs in the Championship.   One general point to emerge is the extent to which ever growing parachute payments distort competition in the Championship to the disadvantage of clubs like Brentford.

Owner Matthew Benham has pumped £76m into the Bees, but the aim is to make them a sustainable club. As it is, they have one of the lowest match day revenues in the Championship.   Losses doubled in 2014-15.

Benham regards Brentford as a long-term project and much depends on the construction of the new stadium.  However, this is a complex project, located between three railway lines.   In the meantime, the challenge is to strike the right balance off the pitch.