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Championship cash boost from tv deal


Once the overseas deals have been completed, total Premier League broadcasting revenue is expected to exceed £8 billion.   As a result, Championship clubs not receiving parachute payments can expect to receive about £5 million per season in solidarity payments, more than double the present £2.3 million.

With average turnover for clubs in the Championship of about £15 million, the £5 million represents a large proportion of income.   They get about £2 million from their own television deal.   Whether the clubs will regard this as enough is unlikely.

Parachute payments are currently £59m over four years, but would leap to more than £80m.   This will further distort competition in the Championship which has diluted its financial fair play rules.   One implication could be that, like the Premier League, the Championship will be effectively split into a promotion league, a mid-table league and a relegation league.

From 2016 payments to lower league clubs are to be based on a formula that sets payments based on the central share for each Premier League club from broadcast revenues.    League One clubs would receive £750,000 (up from £360,000) and League Two sides £500,000 (up from £240,000).


EPL Money

The Premier League that is now swimming in cash should help the lower leagues and grass root football more. One way of achieving this priority would be to limit the paruchute payments for the relegated clubs to just one year. This could be brought in when the new TV rights deals starts in 2017 to 2019.

The premier league could then distribute more money fairly to the remainder of championships clubs and contribute more to the lower leagues and grass roots.

The premier league should also increase the cap of spending on wages when the new deal comes in, and they should also cap ticket prices for every premier league spectator and reduce kids and away fans prices. This would encourage future generations of supporters into the game. If the goverment and FA invests a little more in grassroots then we might have an England team that could realistically win something in the near future.

Premier league clubs could have more English players in the team which could dominate europe like we did in the late seventies and eighties. 

Like John lennon once  said,  {you may say that i'm a dreamer}