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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Chelsea in good financial shape


Chelsea are in good financial shape to pursue the transfer targets they want over the summer.   There were concerns that their absence from the Champions League would adversely affect them.  It did generate £58.5m of revenue in 2015-16 and even a good Europa League run could have yielded as much as £35m.

However, they will receive £140m from the new tv deals.  Commercial revenue is also up and likely to increase further.  This year the £10m a year training gear deal with Carabo kicks in.   The £60m a year kit deal with Nike starts in 2017-18.   This means that the club can expect to earn £110m from shirt sponsorship alone next season.

Match day revenue is down with fewer games at Stamford Bridge this season and has been flat anyway with season ticket prices frozen.   That is why a new stadium is needed as a longer run solution to boost this source of revenue.