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Clubs get euros compensation


UEFA’s established a €100 million fund to compensate clubs for releasing players for the 2012 European Championship qualifiers and finals.    For example, Norwich City received €57,652, about £46,000.

UEFA almost doubled their previously agreed cut of Euro 2012 income, with 575 teams receiving payments for sending players to the tournament in Poland and Ukraine or releasing them for qualifying matches for the tournament.

The compensation deal was originally per player-per day for the finals, but was then widened in March to include qualifiers.

Bayern Munich collected the biggest single share of €3.1m, but the Premier League big guns did very nicely out of the arrangement, too, with Manchester City banking €2.07m, Liverpool €1.97m, Chelsea €1.91m, Arsenal €1.69m and Manchester United €1.67m. Manchester City’s handout was bettered only by Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Money goes to money, as they say, in this case euros for the Euros.  Barnsley had the smallest payout of the 53 English clubs able to claim, collecting just €3,494