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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Difficult choices at Leeds


This article contains some interesting information on the financial situation at Leeds.  It is based on work commissioned by the Supporters' Trust there from an outside financial expert.

In a way its significance goes beyond Leeds.   The club has a wages to turnover ratio of 51 per cent which is one that many experts would commend.    However, arguably this has been achieved at the price of investment in the playing side, one consequence being falling attendances.

How does draw a balance between prudent spending that avoids the financial difficulties that have beset so many clubs and the demands of fans for success on the pitch?   The article suggests that a ratio of 60 per cent would be sustainable, and it probably would be, but would it be enough to make a difference to performance?

Turnover ratio

In answer to your question about whether the 60% turnover ratio would be sufficient to improve performance, clearly nothing is guaranteed. However, 60% would put us in the top 6 wage-payers in the division, and the separate Deloitte analysis suggests that the top-6 payers, on average, are far more likely to be promoted than those outside that bracket. If the club can be run sensibly at that 60% ratio, then why on earth wouldn't you do it?