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English FA Cup Prize Money - 2003-04 vs 2009-10


English FA Cup Prize Money by round - Season 2003/04 vs Season 2009/10. A good Cup run can also significantly boost clubs' income with television appearances - up to a quarter of a million pounds for a televised match for the quarter-final and beyond.

RADIO FEES (BBC 5live)(each club)
Full Match (90 mins) £8,100
Half Match (45 mins) £4,050
Quarter Match (24 mins) £2,025

TELEVISION FEES (each club)    Live Broadcast     Live Replay     Highlights

First Round Proper                         £67,500                 £33,750           £6,750
Second Round Proper                   £72,000                 £36,000           £6,750
Third Round Proper                        £144,000               £72,000           £6,750
Fourth Round Proper                      £144,000               £72,000           £6,750
Fifth Round Proper                          £247,500               £123,750         £6,750
Sixth Round Proper                         £247,500               £123,750         £6,750

Stats Table: 
Stage of CompetitionNo. of ClubsPrize Money 2003/04Prize Money 2009/10
Sixth Round Proper Winners4£400,000£450,000
Fifth Round Proper Winners8£150,000£180,000
Fourth Round Proper Winners16£75,000£90,000
Third Round Proper Winners32£50,000£67,500
Second Round Proper Winners20£15,000£27,000
First Round Proper Winners40£12,500£18,000
Fourth Round Qualifying Winners32£10,000£12,500
Third Round Qualifying Winners42£5,000£7,500
Second Round Qualifying Winners84£3,750£4,500
First Round Qualifying Winners99£2,250£3,000
Preliminary Round Winners198£1,000£1,500
Extra Preliminary Winners65£500£750