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English Premier League Prize Money | Merit Award | Seasons 2005/06 vs 2007/08


Prize Money is the amount of dosh Premier League Clubs receive based on their final finishing position - it is more usually called the Merit Award and comes from a pool of money derived from the broadcasting income the EPL receives.

With thanks to PEF reader Basil who helped put the 2007/08 season figures together.

Stats Table: 
Finishing Position (Premier League)Prize Money 2007/08Prize Money 2005/06
1£14.4 m£9.7 m
2£13.7 m£9.2 m
3£13.0 m£8.7 m
4£12.2 m£8.2 m
5£11.5 m£7.8 m
6£10.8 m£7.3 m
7£10.1 m£6.8 m
8£9.4 m£6.3 m
9£8.6 m£5.8 m
10£7.9 m£5.4 m
11£7.2 m£4.8 m
12£6.5 m£4.3 m
13£5.8 m£3.9 m
14£5.0 m£3.4 m
15£4.3 m£2.9 m
16£3.6 m£2.4 m
17£2.9 m£1.9 m
18£2.2 m£1.4 m
19£1.4 m£1.0 m
20£0.7 m£0.5 m