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European super league 'inevitable'


A European super league is 'iinevitable', according to Rangers manager Mark Warburton.  He is convinced that the globalisation of sport and an increasingly competitive TV rights market make it a certainty.

'If Bournemouih are competing with Bayern Munich for players it tells me that the market is skewed, and a European Super League can't be far away,' he told The Times.   'The big European clubs won't want to be left behind by smaller ones in England and if you're a broadcaster, which game would you rather show: Norwich v Leicester, or Arsenal v Rangers?'

He continued, 'Sky Sports and BT are relatively small players in global terms, but if Google or Amazon bought the rights and started streaming to billions of people around the world they would want a guarantee of the biggest clubs.  It may not feel right, but if Leicester, West Ham and Tottenham end up in the Champions League next season I think there could be ramifications even sooner.'

As for Rangers, 'We're never going to join the Premier League, but a European League would be a possibility.'

Warburton castigated Scottish football for its lack of money, leading to a poor quality product with matches 'played on a real poor grass pitch in front of empty stands.'