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Football Statistics


Here we present our collection of football related statistics and data covering subjects such as football club finances, broadcasting rights, football kit suppliers, sponsors and more.

There are 4 sections:

- Financial Statistics

- Match Attendances / Spectators

- Television & Broadcasting

- Miscellaneous

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Latest Statistics

03 Sep 2009
English Football Leagues | Total Attendances by Division Last 50 years

A table showing the Total Attendances (number of spectators) for the top four English Football Leagues for seasons 1948-49 to 2008-09. Figures are for domestic league matches only. Between 1948/49 and 2008-09 total attendances have decline by...

02 Sep 2009
Top 20 Benelux Football Clubs by Average Match Attendance - 2006-07 to 2008-09

Amsterdam Ajax headed the list of the top twenty football clubs in Belgium and the Netherlands as ranked by average match attendances (domestic league matches - number of spectators) in season 2008-09.

The top tier in Holland is called...

01 Sep 2009
Top Portuguese Clubs by Average Attendance - 2005-06-2008-09

FC Porto headed the list of top football clubs in Portugal, as ranked by average number of spectators at domestic league matches. The Portuguese Liga (sponsored by Sagres in 2008/09) is the top division of Portuguese professional football. Next...

01 Sep 2009
European Football Leagues Average Attendances since 1966/67 | Comparison Chart

Comparison graph tracking major European Football Leagues Average Attendances from 1966/67 to 2008/09 on a seasonal basis.

Figures are for average domestic league matches only in the German Bundesliga, English Premier League, French Ligue...

29 Mar 2009
Which Are The Biggest Football Clubs In Eastern Europe?

Using league attendance figures gathered from the excellent European Football Statistics website we have put together this list of former-communist bloc football clubs that boasted an...

01 Feb 2009
Top Polish Football Clubs by Average Match Attendances | 2005-06 to 2007-08

A list of the top ten Polish Football Clubs as ranked by Average Match Attendances for seasons 2005/06 to 2007/08. The top-tier league in Poland is called the Ekstraklasa. It was founded...

27 Sep 2008
English Premier League Clubs Shirt Sponsors - 2006-07

English Premier League Clubs Shirt Sponsors season 2006-07 with details on their estimated sponsorship value. That season, Manchester United had the largest shirt sponsorship deal by far, worth some £12.3m (with AIG finance). Chelsea managed over...

27 Dec 2007
Team Football Kit Suppliers World Cup 2006

List of  official Football Kit Suppliers to the thirty-two participating countries in the 2006 World Cup held in Germany.

Puma kitted out the most teams (12), followed by Nike with 8 teams and Adidas 6 teams.

Umbro and Lotto...

01 Jan 2007
Most Expensive Player Transfers in English Football - up to August 2006

Andriy Shevchenko's move from AC Milan to Chelsea, at an estimated £30 million, headed the list of the top ten most expensive player transfers in English football - up to August 2006. Next came Rio Ferdinand's transfer from Leeds to Manchester...

30 Dec 2006
Premier League TV Facility Fee by Club - Season 2004-05

Values of the Premier League Television Facility Fee by football club for season 2004/05. The facility fee is one part of the overall television revenues distributed to Premier League clubs. It is based on the number of TV appearances each club...