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Has the 'bubble burst' for Chinese owners?


I am always suspicious of articles which claim that the bubble has burst or is about to burst in relation to the Premier League.   If I was given a pound for each time I had read such a story, I could afford a good meal out on the proceeds,

The Daily Mail has suddenly caught up with the fact that new regulations have been introduced by the Chinese government to restrain overseas investment, including in football clubs.   It overlooks the extent to which prospective owners are able to make use of their stash outside China proper, including Hong Kong.

The article says that one unnamed owner is already offloading his shares.  What is likely is that we will see a reduced rate of investment in European clubs, while some investments that have already been made will turn out to be less attractive than anticipated, as at Southampton.  However, the long Chinese march into football is just that.   It is not a here today, gone tomorrow phenomenon.