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Hereford United wound up


Hereford United have finally been wound up.   Owner Andy Lonsdale claimed to be on his way to court with proof of the required £1m in funds having been deposited in a bank, but said that he was stuck in traffic.   The judge, clearly exasperated, said that this was not good enough.

Londsale and his business associates have been met with severe mistrust by many supporters, after the group’s original owner, Tommy Agombar, was found to have a previous conviction for lorry theft and was barred under the Football Association's owners' and directors' test. Lonsdale also has a spent conviction for dumping waste illegally, and was allowed to take over recently.

Whilst it was a painful day for Bulls supporters, it was also one of hope.   The uncertainty is over and work can now begin on creating a phoenix club with the support of local businesses, the local community and football more generally.

Herefordshire Council are taking steps to regain control of the ground at Edgar Street which they own and have made it clear in a statement that they are prepared to make it available to a suitable club.