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James Easdale gives way to fan pressure


Bus tycoon James Easdale has resigned from the Rangers board in response to fan pressure.   His brother Sandy, who is a bigger shareholder, is chairman of the board.  James Easdale's home in Greenock was targeted by vandals last year who painted graffiti.

James Easdale was likely to be voted off at an extraordinary meeting called for March 6th.   The meeting was going to be held in London which would have made it more difficult for fans to attend.   However, venues were reluctant to take it because of the likelihood of angry fans gathering.   It will now be held in Glasgow.

Rangers Supporters Trust have increased their shareholding in the club to 2.12 per cent and claim that they are now in a position to challenge the Sandy Easdale voting alliance.   It is being claimed that James Easdale's resignation has a broader significance in terms of a recognition by the current board that the game is up.

So the chaos and confusion at Rangers continues.    In any business, it is not a good strategy to upset your customer base, but that rule often doesn't seem to apply in football, not least at Ibrox.