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Jersey bid for Uefa status


Jersey's appeal against Uefa's refusal to let them join the organisation will be heard in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne on Wednesday.   If they were in Uefa now island champions St. Peter's would be in the Champions League and runners up Jersey Wanderers would be in the Europa League.

Seventeen clubs play in two senior leagues with women and junior leagues on Sundays.  The highlight of the season is the Muratti cup against Guernsey which can attract an attendance of 4,000.

Gibraltar were the last minnow entity to join after a long fight.   They have benefitted with £16.5m to build a stadium and £2.5m a year income.   But Uefa have tightened the rules and Jersey were rejected because they were not an independent nation recognised by the United Nations.

If they are successful, they will need a new ground because the present one is not up to Uefa standards.

There is a move within Uefa for a qualifying system in which the likes of Andorra, San Marino and Jersey would play each other to meet the bigger nations.

Guernsey has followed a different route of entering a club in the English non-league system.

Jersey will have to wait three months for a decision.